Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

Day­time session:

Dates: 5/12, 8/12, 10/12. 9am-12pm

900 RMB | per­son. 700 RMB for Kocoon VIP’s and pre­vi­ous mas­sage par­tic­i­pants . Space is lim­ited to 6. Min­i­mum of 2 par­tic­i­pants required.

Gen­eral program:

- Guided relaxation…


Which Massage Oil is Right?

Massage Oil-kocoonspa

How do I choose a mas­sage oil? 

Arti­cle from, writ­ten by Cathy Wong, alter­na­tive medecine expert. 

There are many dif­fer­ent types of mas­sage oils avail­able. At the health food store, you’ll find sin­gle mas­sage oils such as sweet almond oil…


Kocoon spa’s red date & ginger tea

red date tea

 What you need: Gin­ger cut in thin slices or grated (spicier) Red dates Brown sugar

We love to make this tea in win­ter, because it helps keep your body warm and can be appre­ci­ated any­time of the day!

Sim­mer for at least 20 min­utes, a hand­ful of red dates cut in slices (H…


Slimming Massage


Get back in shape with Kocoon’s Slim­ming Massage.

Dur­ing Kocoon’s slim­ming mas­sage, you will undergo mul­ti­ple slim­ming mas­sage tech­niques, from rub­bing and mas­sag­ing to slap­ping. These tech­niques aim to rup­ture and dis­rupt pock­ets of fat, which will result i…


Purifying Back Treatment


Puri­fy­ing Back Treat­ment Every­one needs a deep cleanse of their back once in a while!

Spa Treat­ment includes:

Cleanse Exfo­li­a­tion of dead skin with ozone steam­ing Man­ual extrac­tion of black heads Puri­fy­ing mask using clay or Tamarind Stress-melting massage

What is…


Massage 9 Lunes


Mas­sage 9 Lunes | Pre­na­tal Massage

Kocoon rec­om­mends all mothers-to-be, reg­u­lar preg­nancy mas­sages for their phys­i­cal and emo­tional well-being. Pro­fes­sional ther­a­pists trained by cer­ti­fied Spa Trainer Mar­jorie Poitevin from France. This mas­sage is a very…