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A few months ago, when my friend San­dra Ret­zer said she needed a sub­ject for her assign­ment on Life Coach­ing, I hap­pily vol­un­teered. The coach­ing con­sisted of 1 ‚5 ses­sions on a reg­u­lar basis, made of dis­cus­sions, exer­cises using coach­ing tools, and reflec­tions on spe­cific topics.

To me, the title sounded a bit “dra­matic”, I had imag­ined that life coach­ing was for peo­ple in depres­sion, who needed some sort of ” life guards”. But I was wrong. A Life Coach can help you clar­ify your pri­or­i­ties and dis­cover what are the areas you need to work on more, she / he can help you find out your hid­den desires and design a plan to achieve your goals.

Through the ses­sions, San­dra and I worked on many things form work to pri­vate life, and what I learned is:

- To iden­tify my pri­or­i­ties, needs, and goals

- To give myself credit and be sat­is­fied and proud of myself

- There are more then one per­spec­tive to things, and it does help to talk to some­one who is not emo­tional involved with oneself

- To design a plan and to be held account­able for it, increases the chance of success

- Have less of what I don’t want, and have more or what I want

- To remem­ber that each week, there is some­thing to celebrate!

I thought that a Life Coach can be very help­ful and if you work well and do your home­work, the Life Coach can become the accel­er­a­tor of your growth on a men­tal, intel­lec­tual, phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual level. The coach­ing can be what you need it to be for your self-development and the expan­sion of your satisfaction. 

What would you like to work on today? 

Think about it… ;)


San­dra Retzer’s con­tact for a free eval­u­a­tion : Sandra.retzer@web.de or 1346 6701 972

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