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October Spa Promotion: Get back in Shape!

October Spa Promotion: Get back in Shape!

Eat healthy and balanced meals, exercise your body two to three times a week, and get a toning body treatment twice a week to get back in shape and feel great. Our goal is to assist you on the body toning part, with the Slimming Massage. An intense and effective treatment that has worked wonders on our customers! 

  • Slimming Massage 45 min.
  • Elemental Herbology Express Facial 45 min
  • A total of 90 min. of treatment and pampering, 660rmb*
  • Add cupping to your massage for 140rmb
*Cannot combine with other promotions and discounts

Slimming Massage description:

What is a Slim­ming Massage?

Dur­ing Kocoon’s slim­ming mas­sage, you will undergo mul­ti­ple slim­ming mas­sage tech­niques, from rub­bing and mas­sag­ing to slap­ping and palper rouler. These tech­niques aim to rup­ture and dis­rupt pock­ets of fat, which will result in a reduc­tion in the appear­ance of “pit­ted” cel­lulite. Your ther­a­pist will also stim­u­late increased blood cir­cu­la­tion to reduce excess water in detected regions of your body. We use a spe­cial blend of essen­tial oils dur­ing the mas­sage ses­sion as well as Ele­men­tal Herbology’s SOS cir­cu­la­tion serum to expand on the effec­tive­ness of the massage.

What to expect?

After a con­sul­ta­tion with your Spa Ther­a­pist, the ses­sion will be tar­geted on spe­cific areas where the cel­lulite is local­ized, thus, don’t expect a full body relax­ing massage!

Will I look slimmer?

You will not have vis­i­ble result on your skin after just one ses­sion, but you may feel an imme­di­ate relief and increased energy due to improved blood cir­cu­la­tion. Espe­cially good if you have tired and heavy legs, you will feel like you just did a workout! Understanding fat

Adding cupping:

The cup­ping method increases the treatment’s per­for­mance and speed up the slim­ming process. It is espe­cially rec­om­mended for the more “stub­born fat”. We move the cups around your tar­geted areas, with a suc­tion effect, and we alter­nate man­ual mas­sage and cups.We use a spe­cial blend of essen­tial oils dur­ing the mas­sage ses­sion as well as Ele­men­tal Herbology’s SOS cir­cu­la­tion serum to expand on the effec­tive­ness of the mas­sage. How does it work? 

Express Facial with Elemental Herbology

A per­fect pick me up for those on the go, or as an intro­duc­tion to our ser­vices. Your skin will feel clean, smooth, and refreshed! Includes; cleans­ing, exfo­li­a­tion, ton­ing and moisturizing cream application.

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Florette Floral Crown Workshop

 Florette Workshop: Floral Crown workshop, 1st of November, 2pm-3pm, 300RMB/person. Limited space (capped to 8 participants), advance payment online through Kocoon Spa Wechat (Kocoon_spa) to secure a spot. FLORETTE-几束花活动 花环DIY活动,11月1日,2pm-3pm, 300元/人,位置有限,请通过Kocoon spa微信(Kocoon_spa)提前支付押金预约位置。 

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Florette's Floral Crown Workshop at Kocoon spa

Florette's founders came to Kocoon spa to host a DIY floral crown workshop. It was such a mediative and joyful activity! As co-founder Isabelle Sun says:"There is no such thing as an ugly floral crown. Floral crowns are always beautiful, so people will always leave happy and smiley."


Kocoon spa offers an intimate setting for workshops related to lifestyle, health and wellness.

We limit the events to a small group, to allow for comfort and not be intimating for people.

Send us a message to our Wechat, to be updated about our next workshops: Kocoon_spa

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Florette week at Kocoon spa

We love flowers at Kocoon Spa: We love using their essence to create our floral infused scrubs, oils, and heavenly scented bath of flower petals. We love taking care of them, we love sharing them with you, and we love enjoying our afternoon cup of tea while appreciating freshly cut flowers that we carefully selected at the local flower market. Flowers simply make everything better.

 That’s why we are very excited to announce our collaboration with Florette: Beijing based online florist, which creates better living, constantly infused with the scent of love and the beauty of nature - for all the city dwellers, by offering gorgeous seasonal bouquets and the day’s freshest blooms! From the 27th of October to the 1st of November, Florette will transform Kocoon Spa into a wildly beautiful wonderland with unique floral installations. Expect flower installations, delicate bouquets, a flower crown workshop on Sunday afternoon, and various kinds of floral infused special aroma oil blends for your treatments. Installations will be refreshed daily, with the color schemes moving gradually from light to more intense autumn hues. You're only here for a short visit. Social media contest: Share your pictures taken at Kocoon spa during Florette week on your Instagram account, wechat or weibo, tagging @kocooning and @florette_florist and enter the contest to win a complimentary Elemental Herbology Express Facial at Kocoon spa (valued 380RMB) and Florette’s Signature Bouquet (valued 450RMB). We will carefully choose the 3 lucky winners to be announced at the end of the week. Kocoon spa guests and members will be privileged to a 15% discount at Florette for all fresh cuts and bouquets during the week. 


 Kocoon spa FLORETTE-几束花 周 Kocoon spa热爱鲜花:我们青睐用含花香的精油用于制作身体磨砂膏,按摩油,以及浪漫的花瓣浴。我们喜欢照顾它们,喜欢和你们一起分享,我们非常享受边喝下午茶边欣赏我们从当地鲜花市场精心挑选的花。鲜花让一切事物变得更加美好。 这就是为什么我们兴奋地宣布即将和几束花合作。几束花在线供应鲜花,创造更好的生活环境,鲜花可以将生活环境装饰的富含爱的氛围和自然的美丽。 几束花为整个城市的居民提供华丽的精美季节性花束以及每天新鲜的花瓣。 10月27日至11月1日, 几束花将以独特的装饰方式将Kocoon spa 转变成为美丽的乐土。期望星期日下午花的装饰,精美的花束,花环DIY活动及不同的带有花香的精油创造的氛围让你更加享受你的护理。 装饰将会每天更新,独特的设计策划将会让你感受到越来越浓,越来越强烈的秋天色彩。只是一个短暂的欣赏。静下心来,肯定会感受到一路花香。沃尔特-哈根 社会媒体竞争 在Kocoon spa FLORETTE-几束花 周拍摄一张照片,分享到 Instagram,微信,微博账户,附属上@kocooning 和 @florette_florist,如果进入竞争环节,你将会得到免费的伊荷快速面部护理价值380元,以及几束花特制花束价值450元。我们将会在周末公布3名幸运顾客。 在这一周内Kocoon spa 的顾客及会员将会在购买FLORETTE-几束花裁剪的鲜花及花束时享受85折的优惠特权。 FLORETTE-几束花周特别护理 薰衣草/435元/60分钟 樱花瓣/435元/60分钟 茉莉花/500元/60分钟 所有的按摩护理都将包括牛奶海盐足部磨砂护理,护理结束时可以享受草药茶。

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Kocoon spa's November Spa Promotion

This pack­age is espe­cially rec­om­mended if you have dry skin, or simply if you feel tired and need to be nurtured!

*Sea Salts Foot Scrub *Aromatherapy Back Massage *Winter Rescue Phytomer Facial *Herbal Tea Time 2 hours of pampering and relaxation, 800rmb Reservation required. Weekdays Only: Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 10:30am-8:30pm / Thursdays & Fridays: 10:30am-10:00pm.

Start your journey with a relaxing foot soak with milk, and a gentle sea salts scrub. Follow, with a 30 minutes Aromatherapy Back Massage: We will use one of the oil blends from France containing different essential oils and carrier oils, to release therapeutic benefits and moisturize your skin. Move on to your next next treatment, the 90 minutes Winter Rescue Phytomer Facial: During these 90 blissful minutes, your skin will be cleansed, toned, we will exfoliate the dead skin layer, your face will be massaged with sweet almond oil blended with an anti-aging serum, nourished with a Collagen mask. Finish off with the application of an appropriate serum, a moisturizing face cream and eye cream tailored to your skin's need. To end your journey gently, choose your favorite herbal tea from our extensive herbal tea menu by Princess Lokoum. PS: This facial includes treat­ment of neck area, a steam­ing (if appro­pri­ate), extrac­tions, eye­brow trim­ming or waxing. "The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it." Sydney J. Harris

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Kocoon's manicure & pedicure service

Receive the cleanest and most hygienic nail care service at Kocoon spa!

Kocoon spa is launching its nail care service with OPI manicure & pedicure,CNC gel nail, and luxurious milk & honey hand & foot spa.

Manicure & Pedicure

  • OPI Manicure, 138 rmb
  • OPI Pedicure, 180 rmb
  • Gentleman’s Manicure, 100 rmb
  • Gentleman’s Pedicure, 152 rmb

Hand & Foot Spa

  • Kocoon Signature Hand Spa without Manicure, 268 rmb
  • Kocoon Signature Hand Spa with OPI Manicure, 330 rmb
  • Kocoon Signature Foot Spa without Pedicure, 378 rmb
  • Kocoon Signature Foot Spa with OPI Pedicure, 478 rmb

Reservations recommended:

137 179 434 06

Wechat: Kocoon_spa

Online Reservation

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Wellness and health tips to protect yourself during winter

Wellness and health tips to protect yourself during winter

Reduced exposure to sunlight during the winter means less natural vitamin D production by the skin, and vitamin D itself regulates mood. Thus, you may experience a decline in your mood, some anxiety, and lack of appetite. In addition, your skin becomes more sensitive to cold, you may suffer from skin tightening and itchiness, chapped lips and dried hands. Some recommendations to cope with the effects of winter:
  • Practice regularly a physical exercise (ideally, 3 times a week): This will stimulate production of endorphines and dopamines, which will boost your energy and uplift your mood. We LOVE the 7 minutes Workout, allowing you to have a free sequence of a 7 minutes high intensity full body strengthening workout.
  • Supplement the lack of sunlight exposure with light therapy, to boost your vitamin D level and increase feeling of wellbeing.
  • Increase your vitamin intake to boost your immune system: Eat plenty of almonds, bitter chocolate, nuts, raisins, whole grains - rich in magnesium. Furthermore, increase your vitamin C intake, for a better, brighter completion: Eat more kiwis and lemon! Try Kocoon's immune boosting Ginger & Lemon Tea recipe or the Ginger & Orange tea recipe to keep flu away or for a speedy recovery.

  • Cocooning: Visit your favorite spa et indulge in a hot stone massage. Enjoy a warm bath at home. This will relax your muscles and you will feel better!

  • Beauty tip: For your chapped lips, after exfoliating the dead skin, apply a nourishing cream that you will keep close to you all winter.
  • Change your daily day cream to a more nourishing one. Add some argan oil or sweet almond oil in addition to your day cream, but in small quantity to avoid oiliness.
  • To create a shield against cold, apply a first layer of day cream before your breakfast, and a second layer afterwards. This will provide you for a double protection!

Elemental Herbology Wind & Cold Therapy  WHAT IT IS: A multipurpose moisturizing balm WHAT IT DOES: Heals dry, cracked skin KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea butter and buriti, rosa mosqueta, argan, and macadamia oils (moisturize); vitamin E and calendula (reduce inflammation) HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: The yellow balm is as thick as toothpaste when it first comes out of the tube but melts the second it touches skin; it smells like chamomile and lavender. WHY WE LIKE IT: It's a multitasking balm for the worst days of winter: The ointment-like formula protects cheeks from whipping winds and works equally well for softening cracked cuticles and lips.


减少暴露在阳光下的冬季意味着减少皮肤产生的天然维生素D,且维生素D能够控制心情。因此,你可能会经历心情低沉、焦虑、食欲不振等状况。 除此之外,你的皮肤会变得对寒冷比较敏感,感觉肌肤紧绷、痒、唇裂、手干燥。 一些应对冬季影响的建议:
  • 锻炼通常是一些身体上的练习(理想的话,一周3次): 这将会刺激内啡肽和多巴胺的产生,提高你的能量,振奋精神。
  • 用轻疗法来补充缺少的阳光,提高维生素D的水平,增加幸福感。
  • 增加维生素的摄取量来提高免疫系统:食用杏仁、黑巧克力、坚果、葡萄干、谷物(含有丰富的镁元素),并且增加维生素C的摄取量,更好地、更明确的补充方式:食用更多的猕猴桃和柠檬。

  • Kocooning:Kocoon spa在热石按摩中享受乐趣。享受家一般的泡浴。放松肌肉,你会觉得更好。
  • 美丽诀窍: 针对唇部蜕皮,去角质来祛除皮肤表层的死细胞后,使用滋养型霜将会保护你整个冬天。
  • 将你日常用的日霜更换成一个更滋养型霜,在你的日霜中加入一些有机精油或者甜杏仁油,但是只需少量即可,避免过于油腻。

伊荷滋养保湿护理霜, 200元 它是什么? 多效保湿霜 它的功效是什么? 治愈干燥、皴裂肌肤 主要成分: 牛油树脂、布里蒂、玫瑰果、坚果、澳大利亚坚果油(保湿);维生素E和金盏花(去火) 它感觉/味道/看起来怎么样? 它是黄色膏状的,当从管中取出时,像牙膏一样轻薄,能够立即和肌肤融合在一起;闻起来有菊花和薰衣草的味道。 为什么我们青睐它? 即使在冬季最恶劣的天气里,它也具有多重功效: 软膏状能够保护脸颊避免狂风的侵袭,也可以在工作时滋润干燥的皮肤和唇部。

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Kocoon' s December Chocolate Spa Package

It's Chocolate Decadence this month!

Chocolate is not only a mood enhancer, it is also good for your skin because of its high content of cocoa butter, which is a natural skin softener and conditioner. It is an antioxidant, which means it prevents free radical damage to your skin and protects its natural elasticity.  

We are delighted to present you this special Chocolate Spa Package, a deliciously nurturing spa journey, perfect for a gift or to indulge yourself.            

  • Skin and heart nourishing bath ritual with Kocoon's Chocolate Bath Mix and Kocoon's heart shaped cocoa butter & coconut bath melts.
  • Remove the dead skin layer with a Full Body Exfoliation using our own blend of brown sugar, vanilla extract, coconut oil and coconut shreds.
  • 1 h Swedish Massage with warm Cocoa butter melted with sweet almond oil, leaving your skin deeply moisturized and protected.
  • Vanilla tea & home made Dark Chocolate with Caramelized Almonds, Guérande Sea Salt & Red Peppercorn 



  • 使用Kocoon巧克力、可可黄油及椰果油惊醒的泡浴,将深度滋养您的身体和心灵。
  • 使用红糖、香草精华、椰果油及碎椰果制成的磨砂膏进行全身磨砂。
  • 融合可可黄油和甜杏仁油进行1小时的按摩之旅。
  • 香草茶和使用不含盐份的杏仁、法国盖朗德海盐和红胡椒手工自制的巧克力。

Book now online Send a Gift Certificate

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January Facial Spa Promotion

January Spa Promotion

A combination of Phyomer’s ultra-moisturizing facial and a revitalizing Aloe Vera Eye Contour Massage will visibly plump the skin and restore radiance to the complexion!

90 min. of pampering and relaxation, 650rmb (save 170rmb)

Add 120 rmb to upgrade your facial to a 90 min. treatment which include treat­ment of neck area, a steam­ing (if appro­pri­ate), extrac­tions, eye­brow trim­ming or waxing.

Sea­wa­ter Deep Mois­tur­iz­ing Facial, 75 min
For: Dehy­drated skin
Imag­ine a treat­ment that offers a series of gen­tle face mas­sages using man­ual tech­niques and marine boluses: indulge your skin in ele­ments essen­tial to its hydration!

Aloe Vera Cold Stone Eye Con­tour Mas­sage, 15 min

Revi­tal­ize the eye area and reduce puffi­ness with our certified organic aloe vera gel with cucumber and comfrey extract. For this targeted treatment, we use light col­ored stones to increase the power of the ther­apy because lighter col­ors retain cool tem­per­a­tures longer.

What are the facial steps?

  • Marine Immer­sion
  • Eye Makeup Removal
  • Cleanse with cleans­ing milk
  • Tone
  • Exfo­li­ate
  • Tone
  • Strengthen with a tai­lored Serum
  • Aloe Vera Eye Contour Cold Stone Massage
  • Mas­sage
  • Mask
  • Tone
  • Mois­tur­ize face, eyes and lips


Call, email or message our Spa Advisors during business hours:

  • (86) 132 416 960 21 |  (86) 137 179 434 06
  • Wechat: Kocoon_spa
  • Email: reservations [at]


  • 海水珍珠深层保湿面部护理
  • 芦荟眼部按摩
  • 90分钟/650元(节约170)
  • 增加120元可升级面部护理为90分钟


海水珍珠深层保湿面部护理 75分钟

芦荟眼部冷石按摩 15分钟

90分钟呵护放松护理 650元 (节约170元)



  • 海洋沉浸
  • 卸妆
  • 清洁
  • 爽肤
  • 去角质
  • 爽肤
  • 精华
  • 芦荟眼部冷石按摩
  • 按摩
  • 面膜
  • 爽肤
  • 涂抹保湿霜,面部,眼唇

最快捷、最好的预约方式:24/7 在线预约,可以看见真实的预约时间

(86)132 416 960 21 | (86)137 179 434 06
邮箱:reser­va­tions @

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