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We loved it: Balance Bodywork by Regine Rosenthal

Bal­ance Bodywork

Bal­ance Body­work is orig­i­nated from the tra­di­tional Indian heal­ing sys­tem Ayurveda. This Body­work is based on deep tis­sue mas­sage tech­nique to release energy blocks in the body and to allow life energy to flow freely and bal­anced again.

Over time unre­vealed emo­tions and thoughts man­i­fest in the body. Mus­cles will get hard, joints stiff and energy can­not flow freely any­more. We will start to feel emo­tion­ally unbal­anced, stressed and not in tune anymore.

Bal­ance Body­work helps to release ten­sion in body and mind, to get in touch with your body and to deepen your body consciousness.

Bal­ance Body­work Ses­sion with sesame oil | 90min |  650 RMB 

Regina Rosen­thal

Born 1972 in Ger­many. Edu­cated as MBA Econ­o­mist she worked in var­i­ous coöper­ate offices in dif­fer­ent coun­tries. Mov­ing to India in 2005 her inter­est in work­ing on a deeper level with peo­ple devel­oped and she started the train­ing of Bal­ance Body­work Ther­apy in Pune. Since 2012 she is liv­ing in Bei­jing and curi­ous to intro­duce this work in China.



Phone: +86 133 3118 9861

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Create an effective online presence CLASS 01

Stress free, mind­ful work­shop in the peace­ful set­ting of Kocoon Spa

Have you ever felt over­whelmed when think­ing about cre­at­ing your online port­fo­lio or blog among the maze of offers and tech­ni­cal terms? Have you been repeat­edly push­ing this task back?

Join us at Kocoon spa, and we will make it easy for you! IF juice smoothie for vit­a­mins, oolong ice tea or cof­fee for the caf­feine addicts, Kocoon’s fruits and nuts gra­nola bar for your brain, AC to cool you down and a healthy and deli­cious light lunch.

Entre­pre­neur and Retro­cap Founder, Tim Qui­jano, will take you step by step, hand in hand through the process of choos­ing a CMS and build­ing your online portfolio.

We will make sure that when you step out of the door, you feel relieved and proud to have your own domain, web­site, beau­ti­fully designed and presented.

Why? Because it’s eas­ier then you think, and we want to help you make it happen.

Pro­gram for Sun­day, August 3rd

10am-12pm: Clar­i­fi­ca­tions

What is CMS?
What CMS can/can’t do?
What is html/css/javascript?
What are the rec­om­mended CMSs? And why?
What we need to look for when we choose a CMS?
Word­press vs. Square­space vs Wee­bly: what do the inter­faces look like
How to choose a domain name?
What is SEO?
How to get a domain name and host­ing?
How to pro­mote your site?

12pm-12:50pm: Lunch break, disco nap or stretch­ing and shoul­der massage

1:50pm-3pm: Web­site cre­ation using a CMS

Per­sonal guid­ance step by step until you’r done!


Intro­duc­tion price: 350 rmb | per­son, all inclu­sive–Lim­ited to 8 seats so secure your spot by pay­ing a deposit of 200rmb at Kocoon spa (both branches), or online by Sign­ing up here

This is an attempt sched­ule which may change and vary (end ear­lier or later) depend­ing on speed of the group

Impor­tant: Bring your lap­top and some prepa­ra­tion work

Loca­tion: Kocoon spa, Taiyue Suites

If you can’t attend on that day but would like to be updated about next events or work­shops of this type, please email us

Spe­cial thanks to our sponsors: 

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Product of the month: Cell Food Protection & Repair Facial Serum by Elemental Herbology

Kocoon made it’s choice: the prod­uct of the month is Cell Food Pro­tec­tion & Repair Facial Serum from Ele­men­tal Her­bol­ogy.

30ml pour 1280 rmb

Dur­ing this period of the year, when the cold alter­nates with the sun and the pol­luted air still attacks our skin, this facial serum acts effec­tively. It boosts and repairs under­nour­ished skin and is a pow­er­house of pro­teins, vit­a­mins and antiox­i­dants. It pro­tects against the ele­ments — pol­lu­tion, air travel, cen­tral heat­ing, cold win­ter winds and exces­sive sum­mer sun — as it reduces the preva­lence of dark spots and bal­ances your com­plex­ion.
A per­fect night treat­ment with a light tex­ture that allows skin to breathe as it bal­ances con­ges­tion. Cell Food will calm your skin, add lus­ter and pro­mote over­all radiance.

For one Cell Food Pro­tec­tion & Repair Facial Serum bought at Kocoon spa you will enjoy a 50% dis­count on our eye puffi­ness eye treat­ment. This treat­ment is an eye and face cleans­ing, mois­tur­iz­ing and ton­ing treat­ment, which focuses on treat­ing the eyes with a lym­pa­thic eye con­tour mas­sage and a gingko biloba enriched mask to stim­u­late the lym­phatic capullaruies and drain excess fluid.


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Spa Product of the Month

"Because Beijing is so dry,  I recommend you to apply 2-3 drops of the face oil every evening before going to sleep. The soothing aromas of Lavender and Neroli is very relaxing and stress relieving, and in the morning, your skin will have a delicate moisture and radiant glow. " Maika

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Mother’s day special

Mother’s day special

Nos soins essen­tiels com­pren­nent le démaquil­lage du vis­age et des yeux, appli­ca­tion de la lotion tonique, exfo­li­a­tion avec un masque aux enzymes d’ananas et de papaye, un net­toy­age pro­fond, un mas­sage lym­pha­tique du vis­age et du con­tour des yeux pour stim­uler la cir­cu­la­tion du sang, un masque équili­brant adapte à votre type de peau, net­toy­age final et hydratation..

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