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Product: Ya Ya (beautiful country tiles)

This product rich natural oceanic summer plant constituent fraction, compounding high technology distribution, non-petroleum juice oil.

Product line: Pevernia Botanical

High concentration and high purity natural product blended with carefully selected natural ingredients from marine (ocean), organic products with moisturizing, restoration and nourishing effect realized by the latest technology, parabens, mineral oil It is a product that can be used safely without containing chemical ingredients such as.

Mini facial

Refresh facial

Ideal for all skin types. |  60 minutes bells 550 yuan

It is a back massage from the back with 100% natural essential oil blended oil to the head and shoulder. (Half an hour)

Afterwards, after facial cleansing and touring, lymphatic drainage facial massage enhances blood circulation and activates and moisturizes the skin. (Half an hour)

Express Facial |  best person of all skin types | 

45 minutes, 330 yuan

Mini facial with immediate rejuvenation effect. Ideal for those who want to keep your skin in a short time.

Face & Eye Cleansing / Pineapple & Papaya Scrub / Papaya Cocktail Nourishment Mask /

Includes lymph drainage massage / training (tightening effect) / moisturizing (nutrition and moisture in cream).

Ginkgo & Vitamin C Eye Treatment |  to dispel of puffy eyes and under the eyes of dark circles and sagging. 45 minutes, 330 yuan

Eye and face cleansing, toothing, moisturizing.

Treatment with massage and mask containing innovative ingredients due to the combination of high concentration DNA, Ginkgo biloba extract etc treats swelling and slackness due to fatigue of eyes, darkened eye of dark eye etc. Vitamin C effect is fresh and shine I will regain a certain eyes.

Essential facial

Makeup Removal & Cleansing, Toning, Pineapple & Papaya Cocktail Enzyme (Active Enzyme) Mask is applied to your skin's skin, balanced, deep cleansing, lymph drainage face & eye massage massage, It improves blood circulation and activates your skin. Massage head & shoulder massage between facial masks, drop mask and allow nourishing cream. It is a custom made treatment that selects the product according to the condition of your skin and treats it

On hand extraction method of skin waste products:

Lymph drainage face massage, warm towel / or steam machines, peeling mask etc are almost purely opens pores without feeling irritated skin, but if you would like to extract hands of waste products, Please let me know so.

Moisturizing Facial |  type of dry skin |  60 minutes, 445 yuan

Due to the healing effect and enzyme activity action, gently drop off the stains of old horn and pores, bringing about a moisturizing effect. Ingredients that treat your skin include carotene, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, squalane, royal jelly and so on.

Sensor Restorative Skin Facial |  agility of your skin type |  60 minutes, 445 yuan

It relieves symptoms of skin irritation, and healing effect by propolis, aloe vera, azulene and chamomileu ingredients gently works on irritation and skin irritation.

Balancing Facial |  mix type of your skin type |  60 minutes, 445 yuan

We normalize the oily T zone and work on the dried part to clean the pores. The ingredients of care include carrot, green papaya, peach, alca, lemon grass.

Purifying Facial |  type of oily skin |  60 minutes, 445 yuan

Control excess fat ingredients on your skin. Kaolin, Mandarin Essential oil, hose tail etc. to give moisturizing, activate and clean your skin. Lemon and vitamin B will clean the pores, restrain the skin supple while pressing out the pimple.

Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Facial | 

Dry skin, aroma facial oil of essential oil ingredients formulated from plant ingredients such as jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli, lavender and so on according to each skin type that is tired, works on dry skin and wrinkles, It relaxes tiredness and leads to healthy skin that is shiny with well-balanced silky.

Elixir treatment to keep youth

Plant-mail |  people of all skin types (especially mature skin, dry type, delicate skin) |  90 minutes, 700 yuan

Includes face massage with high-purity propolis beauty solution.

This treatment is the optimum treatment for your skin moisturizing, after introducing high-purity propolis beauty solution from the Jura Mountains in France, it contains a rich mineral extract extracted from the Reinaria guitar (kelp) taken in the deep sea of the Brittany Sea The lift-off mask will be refreshed and healed to make your skin moist and persistent. .

Luminous C & S (Sea) | 

Mature skin, tired and sunburned to your skin damaged. | 90 minutes, 750 yuan

Includes Face Massage with Luminous C & S (Sea) essence solution. Massage high-purity Vitamin C beauty solution containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, chitosan etc. and freeze-dried seaweed extract ingredients to massage your skin and get your skin trouble damaged by skin fatigue, stress and UV rays Eliminate and prepare your skin smooth and transparent. It is a treatment that works best for stains and fine lines.

Facial options

Vitamin serums face massage blended with  | 15 minutes, 175 yuan

Recommended for people with tired skin, dry skin type * Vitamin A, E, D and squalane oil and vitamin C rich in essence solution eliminate fatigue and stress of the skin, smooth and transparent feeling I will prepare your skin.

Propolis Essence face massage blended with | 15 minutes, 150 yuan

Treatment to relieve symptoms that you would like to recommend for sensitive skin * High-purity propolis extract beauty solution, which has natural immune action, improves blood circulation, so your skin gets moist and smooth.

Anti-eye Paffi Treatment | 20 minutes, 290 yuan

Innovative ingredient treatment by blending high concentrations of DNA, Ginkgo biloba extract and the like affects swelling and slackness due to eye fatigue and the like, darkened eye darkness, etc., vitamin C ingredient brings back the fresh and radiant eyes I will

Tension relief back massage | 30 minutes, 220 yuan | 45 minutes, 325 yuan

Head massage gives peace of mind by relaxing the muscular tension feeling by backing, shoulder and neck massage of organic essential oil formulated oil blended.

Soft foot reflector solo di - | 35 minutes powder, 198 yuan | essential oils, 35 minutes, 220 yuan

It is a relaxing and healing foot massage by European style foot reflexology.

Powder massage flexibly fits to the soles of the feet while rhythmic massage of the thumb center acts on the internal organs, giving energy, and it balances the mind and body.

Oil massage is aromatherapy oil, massage by a light stroke from the bottom of the foot aims circulation of blood, giving a refreshing feeling to a tired heavy foot.

Hand or foot of the Ultra Moisture mask | 20 minutes, 50 yuan

It is a treatment that gives immediate effect of moisturizing in a short time. Work on fine lines and wrinkles. Relaxing effect is excellent with warm mittens and foot covers.

Business Manicure | 40 minutes, 90 yuan

Filing, finishing with cream of moisturizer with free fragrance with high moisturizing effect, cuticle treatment while giving nutritional effect.

OPI pre-dinner Manicure | 30 minutes, 70 yuan

Let's go out after cleaning nails before dinner or cocktail hour with your friends. Filing, basecoat, nail polish, top coat, OPI moisturizer lotion.

OPI nail polish | 45 minutes, 90 yuan

Nail polish removal, filing, nutritionally effective cuticle treatment, basecoat, nail polish, top coat, OPI moisturizer lotion.

Kocoon Deluxe Spa Manicure | 70 minutes, 220 yuan

It is a treatment using Italian "Cuccio Naturale" product containing natural ingredients. With fizzy water (soak water) with disinfection effect and aroma effect, it will remove dirt on the nail and soften the cuticle. Cuticle treatment while giving nutritional effect. Rejuvenate with massage by scrub Cuccio massage cream at Cuccio 's Natural Dead Sea Salts (Dead Sea Salt). Butter Blend with high moisturizing effect (butter blend) It is a spa experience with a healing effect by letting moisture penetrate with wrapping by cream.