Valentine’s Day Spa Special

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Valentine’s Day Spa Spe­cial For Valentine’s day we have a spe­cial treat for you at Kocoon.

A Roman­tic walk in Paris…”


Rose Can­dle Massage

Relax with a warm rose can­dle mas­sage. The mas­sage ca…


How to make your skin look gorgeous?


Why is it impor­tant to take care of your skin? & How to make your skin look gor­geous?  With Kocoon’s Spa Man­ager and Spa Trainer Mar­jorie Poitevin

There are many dif­fer­ent fac­tors that affect self-est…


Kocoon’s “get in shape” package!


Kocoon’s “get in shape” Package

If Christ­mas hol­i­days has been very rich in gifts and calo­ries do not worry we have solu­tions for you to put you back on the right track! New year is com­ing so it is good to start think­ing about …


Thai Yoga Massage Class


Join us in Kocoon spa’s inti­mate set­ting, for a Thai yoga mas­sage class with Kocoon spa’s co-founder Maika Endo. Learn Thai mas­sage move­ments to relax your loved ones and release ten­sion immediately.


21/01 : 6:45p…


Kocoon’s Valentine’s Day Suggestions


Valentine’s Day Sug­ges­tions by Kocoon spa Which event? Which restau­rants? What to do on Valentine’s day in Beijing?

The most roman­tic day of the year is finally here again – Feb­ru­ary 14, Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year…


Tuning your goals for a successful 2015 — Maika Endo

Tun­ing your goals for a suc­cess­ful 2015

First, make a list of things you are proud of achiev­ing in 2014. 

We are often demand­ing with our­selves, and we don’t empha­size enough the impor­tance of giv­ing ourselve…


Dance Yourself fit!


Dance Your­self Fit!

Timeout’s guide to the city’s lat­est dance-fitness crazes. 

Start the new year with new things, why not try­ing a new type of dance? Because when you dance you exer­cice, have fun and evac­u­ate stre…