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Hair Removal Wax Treatment

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With a hygienic and quick expert, we will offer the best hair removal wax treatment with pre wax and main wax by 'special wax lotion' containing plenty of essential oil which moisturizes the skin of depilated part and delays growth of hair root .

Stripe wax use:

Full leg (all legs including toes of feet excluding bikini section) 280 rrmb
Upper leg (including leg upper part, toes included foot toes included ?, excluding bikini part) 190rmb
Low leg (lower leg, including knee from toe) 170rmb
Full arm (including all arms. Fingertip, including elbow) 200rmb
Half arm (Half upper arm, fingertip, elbow included) 135rmb
Back & shoulder blade (back shoulder blades) 200rmb - 300rmb
Chest (chest) 200rmb - 280rmb
Abdomen (abdomen) 200rmb - 280rmb

Hard wax use:

Hard wax use: 150rmb - 280rmb
Apertrip (upper part of the lip) or chin 60rmb
Full face (whole face) 280 rrmb
Cheek or under arm (cheek or armpit) 100rmb
Eyebrow trimming (adjust the perimeter of the eyebrows) 80rmb

Eyebrow wax


Neck (neck)


Tow (toe of the foot, toe)


When the price changes, such as when a hairy person or special care is needed, we will let you know before the terafist begins cleaning the wax. If you do not care about the wax of your choice listed above, please contact the terrapist

please note!

Please inform me if you are taking medication by your doctor's prescription. Depilation service may not be accepted.

  • Persons with immunodeficiency.

  • Those who regularly use Retin A, Accutin, Blood Anticoagulant, etc. that sensitize the skin.

Before and after depilation, please avoid the following items.

  • To be exposed to ultraviolet light within 24 hours, to use a machine bed for sunburn

  • Excessive scrub to depilated area within 48 hours.

  • Shaving of depilated part within 2 weeks ago

  • Hot showers, swimming pool, sauna

  • Wearing tight clothing on the body just after hair removal.

For depilation, the following reactions may occur.

  • Fracture of hair follicles and bleeding

  • Buried hair

  • Redness

  • Rough skin

  • Purpura

Bikini wax depilation

For women only

Using a hot wax product by import excluding the thigh abdomen, even for sensitive skin, firmly depilate with a process that does not feel pain. All hair removal wax treatments include pre wax and main wax.

1)  Basic bikini line  | 150rmb the outside of the hair loss of the panty line. 2)  Brazilian  | 250rmb front of the diameter line, labia part, hair loss, which left a part of the buttocks. 3)  Playboy | leaving a very thin straight line of 280rmb front, labia part, including all the parts of the buttocks, including the anus part hair loss. 4)  Sphinx |  270Rmb hair removal of all parts. 5)  Betweeny Wax  | 60Rmb ass and anus part

How to avoid subcutaneous regeneration hair?

  • To prevent the skin from becoming keratinized and closing the pores, scrape lightly the next day after depilation and perform regularly.

  • Avoid shaving between hair removal a point men and prevent hair from growing in all directions.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing so that hair does not grow in the opposite direction or inside.

  • Avoid violent sports to prevent bacteria from breeding by scratching sweat.

  • Please use Salem (beauty essence) to avoid subcutaneous regeneration hair.