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Skincare & Beauty

The exclu­sive  Phy­tomer cos­metic line from France  uses nat­ural con­cen­trates from sea­wa­ter, algae as well as mineral-rich sea mud in order to com­bat cos­metic prob­lems efficiently.


All Phy­tomer facials include a face and décol­leté mas­sage to stim­u­late micro­cir­cu­la­tion and oxy­gena­tion of the skin, encour­age mus­cu­lar relax­ation and increase skin’s elas­tic­ity and tone. Fur­ther­more, we include in our facials, the application of Phytomer Oligo­force Sooth­ing Enforce­ment Serum for skin strength­en­ing

Youth Reveal­ing Advanced Facial

For: Dry skin and wrinkles, lack of suppleness

An very original facial massage in an exceptional treatment techniques for instant visible results. With its two new professional masks and its unique resurfacing lotion, this treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores the skin's youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific face massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation. The skin is smoother and firmer. It glows with new radiance.

75 min | 950 rmb
90 min | 1080 rmb includes a complimentary Lip Treatment


"Phytomer experience is the Phytomer Youth Revealing Facial Treatment -and there really is a TREAT in this treatment, the Pioneer XMF cream. One can’t help but feel literally, reborn, after it.  Anyone who wants to focus on anti-aging, from repairing advanced signs of time to early intervention (20-65+), will adore it." Alison Blackman Dunham, lifestyles consultant.


Sea­wa­ter Deep Mois­tur­iz­ing Facial

For: Dehydrated skin

This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness.

75 min | 850 rmb
90 min | 1030 rmb


"My favorite step in the Phytomer facials, is what they call Marine Immersion. The therapist generously sprays a Sea Mist over your face as a prelude to your facial treatment. It feels like you are about to start a walk along the beach. You can almost hear the waves!" Maika- Co-founder of Kocoon Spa  


Marine Col­la­gen Sooth­ing Facial for Sen­si­tive Skin

For: Sensitive skin subject to redness, and wrinkled skin

This cocoon treatment softens the skin and improves its defense for a soothed and ideally hydrated epidermis, producing a radiant complexion.
Truly gentle and comforting, this treatment acts to smooth the complexion with the localized application of a fresh, melting bi-gel and a rich, creamy mask which, after several minutes on the face, is softly massaged in to make the moment even more enjoyable.

Results: treats the sensations of tight or irritated skin or redness, the epidermis is soothed and complexion is even.

75 min | 800 rmb
90 min | 950 rmb


Diamond Lumination Facial

To reveal the radiance of the complexion and diminish dark spots.

This very complete treatment offers skin cleansing and chemical exfoliation in order to encourage a “new skin” effect. This is followed by a face massage followed by the application of the new Luminous Complexion Mask with Vitamin C to deliver a final burst of radiance for a glowing face.

75 min | 800 rmb
90 min | 965 rmb


Phytomer Purifying Facial

For: Combination to oily skin

This targeted cleansing and matifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves the skin visibly healthier, fresher and clearer. It combines two specific highly effective products for perfect extraction. The first is an exfoliator that cleanses the pores in-depth and facilitates the extraction of comedones. The second is a serum that is applied after the extraction of comedones to soothe and calm the skin. It also provides a long-lasting matte effect.

Results: skin flaws are limited, clogged pores are unblocked and excess sebum is regulated.

90 min | 980 rmb


Gentleman's Facial

Customized Facial adapted to men’s needs

The face is deeply cleansed, moisturized, and soothed to reduce sensitivity commonly associated with daily shaving. A potent, targeted serum is selected based on the skin’s individual needs whether oily, dry, sensitive, or mature. Finally a soothing, lifting facial mask are applied followed by a scalp massage to leave him feeling revived and relaxed, so that challenges of the day can  boldly met and conquered with confidence. 

60 min | 650 rmb

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Express Facial

A per­fect pick me up for those on the go, or as an intro­duc­tion to our ser­vices. Your skin will feel clean, smooth, and refreshed! Includes; cleans­ing, exfo­li­a­tion, ton­ing and moisturizing.

45 min | 520 rmb

Facials Add-Ons

Add on" is giving extra care to an area that needs a little more attention. Each add-on designed to act alone or as a prescriptive booster to any treatment.


Aloe Vera* Cold Stone Facial Massage

For dull skin, or after sun exposure

Bring your skin to life with this skin softening medicinal plant! Aloe contains antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, which improve the skin’s firmness. The soothing gel deeply moisturizes the skin, stimulates healthy cell renewal, and aids in the healing process, especially for sensitive skin.

20 min | 248 rmb


Aloe Vera* Cold Stone Eye Contour Massage

For dark circules and eye puffiness

Revitalize the eye area and reduce puffiness with this targeted hydrating treatment! We use light colored stones to increase the power of the therapy because lighter colors retain cool temperatures longer.

15 min | 180 rmb

Shiatsu Face Lifting

Geishas were famous for their beau­ti­ful facial skin.The secret of their wrin­kle free skin even in advanced age was the famous Shi­atsu Tech­nique. This nat­ural and effec­tive treat­ment uses deep flow­ing move­ments and acu­pres­sure points.

A Face Shiatsu can:

  • Relax tired eyes
  • Pre­vent dark cir­cles and puffiness
  • Smooth lines and plum-up skin
  • Release ten­sion in the upper and lower face
  • Pre­vent dehy­dra­tion and wrin­kles around the mouth
  • Reg­u­late sebum production

20 min | 350 rmb

45 min | 520 rmb





The Special Anti-Aging & Lifting Beauty Ceremony 

In keeping with the Kaizen philosophy and the ultimate in luxury and perfection we provide the guest with our most powerful anti aging & lifting solution featuring THE SPECIAL SAHO and EXPERT JAPANESE LIFTING TECHNIQUES. Specifically developed to magnify skin’s beauty, soothe all signs of aging and stimulate cell renewal, this ceremony is dedicated to invigorate tired and dull looking skins. Thanks to the application of The Eye Serum the delicate eye area feels lifted, rejuvenated and toned while looking visibly younger.

60 min | 1380 rmb
90 min | 1680 rmb


Eyelash & Nail

Makes your eyes and eyebrows stand out beautifully! Performed by our experienced technician, with the highest standard of hygiene, using imported products from Germany and Austria. Choose from black, brown, and light brown. What is Eyelash & Eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow Tinting  198 rmb 

Eyelash Tinting   308 rmb 

Combo  418 rmb

French keratin eyelash perm   980 rmb

Silk protein eyelash extension   480 rmb

Sable eyelash extension            680 rmb

Sterilemink velvet eyelash extension    880 rmb


Classic manicure    155 rmb

Classic pedicure      198 rmb

Gentlemen's manicure    155 rmb

Gentlemen's pedicure      198 rmb

Gel nail

Gel color with manicure     358/488 rmb

Gel color with pedicure      438/598 rmb

Add french style    + 108 rmb

Gel remove    120 rmb

Hand & foot spa

Kocoon signature foot spa

With pedicure 90 minutes   528 rmb

With manicure 50 minutes   428 rmb

(Ps: graft eyelash encyption order plus 200 rmb)


What are the facial steps?

All Phy­tomer facials include a face and décol­leté mas­sage to stim­u­late micro­cir­cu­la­tion and oxy­gena­tion of the skin, encour­age mus­cu­lar relax­ation and increase skin’s elas­tic­ity and tone. Fur­ther­more, we include in our facials, the application of Phytomer Oligo­force Sooth­ing Enforce­ment Serum for skin strength­en­ing

Marine Immersion
Eye Makeup Removal
Cleanse with cleansing milk
Strengthen with a tailored Serum

The longer version of the facial includes treatment of neck area and lips, a steaming (if appropriate), extractions, eyebrow trimming or waxing.


Every spa treatment ends with a tea ritual in the lounge, to compose your balance, energy and focus before you make your way out. We also have a health and wellness library for you to chill-out  as long as you wish. 





适于干性 、皱纹、缺少弹性的肌肤 

75分钟| 950元 90分钟| 1080元





75分钟| 850元 90分钟| 1030元





75分钟| 800元 90分钟| 950元





90分钟| 980元





60分钟| 650元





75分钟| 800元 90分钟| 965元




45分钟 | 520元






20分钟 | 248元





15分钟 |180元




20分钟 | 350元

45分钟 | 520元






60分钟 | 1380元     90分钟 | 1680元





染眉毛    198元

染睫毛    308元

染眉毛睫毛套餐   418元

法国角蛋白翘睫毛术   980元

貂绒嫁接睫毛   480元

无菌貂绒嫁接睫毛   680元

蚕丝蛋白嫁接睫毛   880元


基础经典美甲   155元

基础经典美足   198元

基础男士美甲   155元

基础男士美足    198元


手指甲胶   358/488元

脚趾甲胶   438/598元

法式风格   +108元

卸除光疗胶  120元

手足护理kocoon 专属护理

包括基础美足90分钟   528元

包括基础美甲50分钟   428元