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To ensure your interests and ensure the quality of care, please arrive in advance in order to relax, or shower, or wet steam.

Ihe classic five elements aromatic soothing massage (tailored) 60 minutes 595 yuan 90 minutes 620 yuan

This is a massage therapy with balance and energy recovery. It is a perfect combination of aromatherapy and oriental philosophy, with unique treatment to achieve the best care results. If you need to relax, detoxify, restore physical strength and physical and mental balance, this care will meet your every need.

Io Muscle Recovery Massage (tailored)

We combine Chinese and muscular massage, deep massage muscles and connective tissue, relieve tension muscles, mention the cycle, the depth of the release of depressed mood. This care is strongly recommended to the physical and mental stress and negative emotions of the guests.

Body aromatherapy oil massage

In 100% natural organic essential oils, the aromatherapy essential oil can penetrate into your skin and penetrate into your respiratory system, so that you can relax and renew your vitality. energy.

Aroma Oil Massage | 60 minutes and 435 yuan  from head to toe pressure relieve fatigue, we use a soothing massage Continental long stroke, so refill your vitality.

Aroma Oil Massage | 90 minutes, and 620 yuan  in order to ensure your relaxation, massage therapist massage can be done locally concentrated, especially your "problem" areas.

Detox hot stone massage | 100 min 750 yuan key parts of the use of energy heating Stone, which was deposited in the body's energy reflex zone, comfortable and warm to enjoy, this care is twofold binding Stone and technique, rhythmic deep relaxation press One of the best treatments for improving immunity and deep detoxification.

Body and face massage | 100 minutes / $ 750

60 minutes + 40 full body massage and facial cleansing massage the greatest degree of relaxation spa treatments, eliminate your fatigue and change your mood. Enjoy this body aromatherapy massage at the same time can also enjoy reduced facial massage, aromatherapy oil massage can improve fine Pattern, dryness, and fatigue.

October Mommy gave massage | (please reserve in advance) | 90 min / 565 yuan strongly recommend this massage to the pregnant women October Mummy, this massage is specifically for pregnant mothers customized. This care can ensure the physical and mental health of pregnant women. Pregnant women need a special massage massage techniques to reduce the back and lower back pain, neck stiffness, fatigue, leg pain, improve sleep, difficulty breathing. The massage by the licensed masseuse for your massage.

Upper body massage

Hot stone back massage Detox | 45 minutes, and 368 yuan warm, concentrated, soothing massage to relieve back, neck and shoulder muscles tense, heated Stone massage with essential oils, can reduce muscle soreness and improve your Immunity.

Hot stone back massage Detox | 30 minutes, and 220 yuan | 45 minutes, and 325 yuan warm, concentrated, soothing massage to relieve back, neck and shoulder muscles tense, heated Stone massage with essential oils, can reduce muscle Soreness, and improve your immunity.

Pressure head and shoulder massage | 30 min 220 yuan | 45 minutes, and 325 yuan to reduce the head, neck and shoulder fatigue, arms and hands and tension, this massage combines gentle and soothing pastel of acupuncture massage, and The touch of the scalp.

Compression Hand Care | 20 minutes, and 150 yuan to use essential oils by reflex zone massage to relieve fatigue arm, and finally wrap a hot towel disinfection. Let your spirit full of life.

Foot massage

Our technicians have been authentic European training, the massage is very soothing, can balance the energy, depth of relaxation.

Reflexology (with powder) | 35 minutes, and 198 yuan | 80 minutes, and 350 yuan including 30 minutes head, arms arm massage and 50 minutes foot massage foot massage can not only relieve stress and tension, and to achieve energy balance. Foot powder massage is through the foot of the rhythmic massage, thumb acupuncture points, to direct reflection to the body organs, and balance energy.

30 minutes, arm and arm massage and 50 minutes of foot massage This massage is done through the foot and leg to do long-term compression of the pressure relief massage , The efficacy of organic essential oils released, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, relax the heavy sense of the legs.

Foot Reflexology Massage | 35mins 220RMB | 80mins, 380RMB Includes 30 minutes head, arm arm massage and 50 minute foot massage. Includes 30 minutes head, shoulder, arm and hand massage. This massage is the first to do powder acupuncture, and then use essential oils, allowing you to feel, from the soles of the feet to the legs completely relaxed, after the massage you will feel light.

Traditional Chinese massage and physiotherapy

Traditional Chinese massage | 60 minutes 435 yuan, 90 minutes 620 yuan Massage is a acupuncture massage. Massage has the effect of traditional Western massage at the same time, better solve your health concerns. Massage integrated meridian push method, Massage, and open the joint technology, to stimulate and release the flow of energy, massage can balance the energy of the body to release the pressure of the soul. Chinese Medicine Foot | 60 minutes 285 yuan, 80 minutes 380 yuan, including the first leg and neck massage Vegetable herbs or ginger Herbal foot bath, clean foot, foot acupressure massage, foot massage will be integrated thumb, fingers, hands technology.Each of the foot points can be sensed to the corresponding parts of the body, so by confidential and powerful 45 minutes | 325 yuan, such as massage plus scraping 20 minutes 150 yuan The care of the use of horns comb repeatedly on some parts of the repeated wiping swabs , Clear the veins, open the knot, detoxification to the fire, regulation of internal organs, enhance immunity. Cupping | 45 minutes 325 yuan, such as massage after attaching cupping for 20 minutes 150 yuan Cupping and scraping have similar points, but more concentrated. The care through the points on the back cupping. Cupping will appear after the congestion, which can promote blood circulation, open tendons, first to appease massage, and then pull 10-15 minutes to achieve the effect of physical fitness.  


If you have the following symptoms, we do not recommend you to do Chinese medicine massage

Extremely weak

Brain tumor


Fracture or just two months ago had surgery.

Scraping precautions

Warm shelter

Scraping drink a glass of water, preferably light salt water or sugar

After scraping, do not drink

5 Do not bathe within hours