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Products: Bei Li Ya (American brand)

This product is rich in natural ingredients of marine and plant extracts, and the use of high-tech formula, non-formaldehyde and mineral oil.

Mini beauty

Vitality reproduction |  suitable for all skin |  60 Fenzhong

550 yuan to 100% organic essential oil back massage, plus relieve headache massage, and then half an hour of facial beauty, including cleansing, toning, lymphatic drainage massage, can promote facial blood circulation, wake up dark dust skin, for your Skin lock water.

Fast Beauty |  suitable for all skin |  45 minutes, and 330 yuan

Make your skin radiant, glamorous mini-facial beauty, is fast refreshing, and the ideal choice for daily maintenance. Including facial and eye clean, and then pineapple papaya exfoliating mask, do the depth of cleaning, lymphatic drainage massage, toner, and finally do lock moisture.

Ginkgo and vitamin C eye care.

Improve eye puffiness and dark circles |   45 minutes, and 330 yuan

Eye and facial cleansing, toning, moisturizing, eye special lymphatic drainage massage, apply rich ginkgo-dimensional c eye mask, activate lymphatic capillaries, discharge excess water, Victoria c can brighten the bright eye skin, Improve dark circles.

Foundation exquisite beauty

Basic cleansing, cleansing, cleansing, toning, and then exfoliating with pineapple papaya, dissolving and destroying the dead skin, stimulating skin regeneration, deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, eye massage, eye circulation and wake up Skin, apply conditioning mask, apply the film to do the process of soothing head and shoulders and arm massage, unloading film, clean again, and then lock the water moisturizing.

On the black handle:

Lymphatic drainage massage, and hot towels, steam, exfoliating mask, can open the clogged pores, the harm is minimal, but if you want to clear the black head, please tell our beautician.

Moisturizing |  suitable for dry skin |  60 minutes, and 445 yuan

Special treatment for dry skin, supplement the skin with oxygen, deep water. Rich in carotene, citrus, avocado, shark and royal jelly.

Allergy |  for sensitive skin |  60 minutes, and 445 yuan

Improve allergic skin, freckle, repair allergic skin. Rich in propolis, aloe, chamomile essential oil.

Water and oil balance Beauty |  suitable for comprehensive skin |  60 minutes, and 445 yuan

T-zone for oil control water, dry area for replenishment, improve the pores. Rich in carrots, green apples, and sweet peach, Arnica flower, lemon vanilla essence.

Flawless beauty |  used for oily skin |  60 minutes, and 445 yuan

Control excess oil, and maintain moisture, rich in kaolin, citrus oil, horsetail, repair and cleansing function, while lemon and vitamin B can replenish water, improve pores and prevent acne.

Fatigue Aromatherapy Massage |  for dry, sensitive skin |   60 minutes, and 480 yuan

Such as silk-like detail, moisture, to take natural plant extracts. Contains jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli oil, lavender essence can repair dry skin, fine lines, fatigue, and pressure, so that your skin re-energized.

Youth Cheats

Frozen firming |  suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry, sensitive skin |  75 minutes, and 700 yuan

Use of propolis essence to do facial massage, improve skin texture, the greatest degree of water. The nourishing effect of this soft film, which combines the characteristics of seaweed and propolis, a natural effect, can improve the sensitivity and keep the skin young vitamin A, soothing, nourishing, calm your skin, soft your skin, make Your skin is radiant and has a visual effect.

Vitamin C the deep care |  for mature, dull, and after-sun skin |  75 minutes, and 750 yuan

Use dimension C and deep sea essence for facial massage. Deep-sea mask will dimension C and high-tech formula of frozen algae combined, can get rid of fine lines, more flexible, eliminating dull, after-sun repair. This beauty can also freckle, update color, make skin compact, smooth and glory overflowing.

Beauty Additional items

Essence Massage  | 15 minutes to 175 yuan

Recommended for dark and dry skin. Essence contains vitamins A, E, D aloe vera and squalane, citrus essential oil

Propolis cream massage | 15 min 150 yuan

Recommended for allergic skin and easy Zhangdou guests. Propolis is a natural antibiotic. Reduced redness and sensitivity to repair the effect.

Eye Care swelling | 20 min by 290 yuan

Relieve fatigue, relieve stress, eliminate redness, prevent and improve eye edema, designed for fatigue, stress or eye water guests. Ginkgo can activate the eye capillaries exclusion retention of water, which play a role in swelling.

Back pressure massage | 30 min 220 yuan | 45 minutes, and 325 yuan

In your tired back to do fine focus massage, on the back, neck, and shoulder fatigue has a significant effect. And improve your mental state. Finally, to ease the head massage end.

Foot Massage | with the powder, 35 minutes, 198 yuan | with essential oils, 35 minutes, 220 yuan

We use Continental Reflexology to relax your nerves and improve your overall health. Powder massage is mainly through the comfort of the thumb to take meridian therapy to achieve the balance of yin and yang of the body organs. Essential Oil Long-stroke massage helps to improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and relieve heavy legs.

Hand / foot moisturizing film | 20 minutes 50 yuan

Opponents / feet of the skin to do the depth of nourishment care, you can nourish the dermis to the skin. Smooth the skin lines and reduce wrinkles, and with electric gloves for steaming, give you a most loved feeling.

Nail business people | 40 minutes 90 yuan

Manicure, nourish the hand, and finally deposited aromatic moisturizing cream

Nail care before the dinner, | 30 minutes 70 yuan

For your full dinner or cocktail party to add brilliance to the first nail to do beautiful. Manicure, painted background, painted color, light oil, and finally OPI moisturizing cream.

OPI Nail | 45 minutes and 90 yuan

Remove polish. Nail polish, manicure, dead skin repair, painted background, painted color, light oil, and finally OPI moisturizing cream.

Luxury Nail | 70 minutes, and 220 yuan

Cuccio Natural Aroma Spa Treatment includes Silky Hand Bubble, Organic Sea Salt Exfoliator, Restorative Spa Cream, Auxiliary Massage, Moisturizing Nutritive Oil Mask, to provide you with the most relaxing and the most effective spa experience.