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  • Ancient Mayan Wisdom of 13 Lunas-28 days Calendar
  • Post author
    Maika Endo

Ancient Mayan Wisdom of 13 Lunas-28 days Calendar



An exploratory workshop on how we can live in resonance with the natural flow of time.

Ancient Mayan Wisdom of 13 Lunas-28 days Calendar

Yellow Galactic Seed Year…Overtone Peacock Moon.. ..

Do you resonate with yourself?  With others? 

Once you remember who you truly are, you resonate with the whole universe!!

The way is to find your Galactic Signature !  Your Galactic Signature is your password to the Fourth Dimension. 

In this workshop, each person will get their Galactic Signature (KIN) and understand more about own:

-       life purpose, goals, challenges

-       relationships with partner, family and  others

-       how to enhance  original creative power. Connect with your truly –self…


~~~Its about space…Its about time…Its about how to become a master of your own time….


By following natural Law of Time use the power of the day to release old obstacles and issues… let go of old habits… transform and purify your spirit, emotional, physical and mental sphere.

*Materials and written documents for the workshop will be provided.

Time:   11/9 & 10 November 10am-6pm 

Address: Haohua building 6th floor Xiaoying road 19# Huixin Dongqiao Chaoyang district Beijing,China

Any Question Please Contact →13269809719




Time: 11/ 11 & 12 10am-6pm 

Address: Haohua building 6th floor Xiaoying road 19# Huixin Dongqiao Chaoyang district Beijing,China


First level of Earth Wizard seminar is required.

This two days the further knowledge will be provided , like continuing of Earth Wizard Seminar:

-      Get to know your Higher- self

-      Telektonon (  love-story, warrior -journey ; it’s a time prophecy and prophecy of time)

-      Archetypes

-      Rainbow Bridge Meditation

-      Advanced daily practicing of the Law of Time 


ABOUT DR  ANA ZIKIC   Dr. Ana Zikic, White Planetary Wind, is a doctor of Western medicine, born and raised in Serbia, she had finished her TCM studies in Beijing.

Ana was introduced to the Mayan Calendar in 2005 by Katarina Prokic, a student of José Argüelles, Mexican-American author, artist, and educator.  José is the founder of Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time.  He is currently considered the most influential teacher for spreading the wisdom of the “13-Moon Calendar”.

Since April 2010, it is with great enthusiasm, Ana has been traveling extensively to Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong to conduct workshops on the Mayan Calendar and the Ancient Mayan Wisdom.


A PRIVATE SESSION – can consist of 1 or 2 parts:   Either a reading only or a reading combined with a healing session:

In a reading session, during private session you will find out about

ª    your personal KIN

ª    your life purpose, goals, challenges

ª    your relationships with partner, family and  others

ª    how to enhance your creative power

ª    how to improve strengths

ª    your personal key notes for 2013/2014 …

-          Above all, what is your life mission, how to be in alignment with it and through joy and wakefulness live this beautiful time of shift.

-          You can also give the date of birth of other person and ask question you are concerned about

-          As Ana is also Western medicine/Chinese medicine doctor, and as Mayan 13/28 Calendar is connected with body and physical aspect as well, if you have some sorts of mental/physical issues you could be advised using those  systems together.

You may also pose very specific questions which are connected to your life.

Ana will need your date of birth  (day-month-year) prior to a session in order to prepare your personal chart.




According to a Law of Time and latest teaching called Synchronotron, each day specific light points are active . By following and knowing them you are easier getting to know and feel layers of reality beyond this reality.

Also, each person according to birthday has its own light points.

Get to know and activate your own light points!

They are vibrational match between You, your Higher-self and your Equivalent-self..

As we are multidimensional beings, this process allows you to increase your vibrational and sensitive level, intuition and wisdom..on all levels you are being more synchronized with multidimensional-self and outer world.

This session is advisable after personal reading.

~As a promotion of a first level , for anyone who attends Wizard of The Earth seminar  gets free of charge activation of personal light points.

In Lake’ch!


  • Post author
    Maika Endo