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Florette week at Kocoon spa

We love flowers at Kocoon Spa: We love using their essence to create our floral infused scrubs, oils, and heavenly scented bath of flower petals. We love taking care of them, we love sharing them with you, and we love enjoying our afternoon cup of tea while appreciating freshly cut flowers that we carefully selected at the local flower market. Flowers simply make everything better.

 That’s why we are very excited to announce our collaboration with Florette: Beijing based online florist, which creates better living, constantly infused with the scent of love and the beauty of nature - for all the city dwellers, by offering gorgeous seasonal bouquets and the day’s freshest blooms! From the 27th of October to the 1st of November, Florette will transform Kocoon Spa into a wildly beautiful wonderland with unique floral installations. Expect flower installations, delicate bouquets, a flower crown workshop on Sunday afternoon, and various kinds of floral infused special aroma oil blends for your treatments. Installations will be refreshed daily, with the color schemes moving gradually from light to more intense autumn hues. You're only here for a short visit. Social media contest: Share your pictures taken at Kocoon spa during Florette week on your Instagram account, wechat or weibo, tagging @kocooning and @florette_florist and enter the contest to win a complimentary Elemental Herbology Express Facial at Kocoon spa (valued 380RMB) and Florette’s Signature Bouquet (valued 450RMB). We will carefully choose the 3 lucky winners to be announced at the end of the week. Kocoon spa guests and members will be privileged to a 15% discount at Florette for all fresh cuts and bouquets during the week. 


 Kocoon spa FLORETTE-几束花 周 Kocoon spa热爱鲜花:我们青睐用含花香的精油用于制作身体磨砂膏,按摩油,以及浪漫的花瓣浴。我们喜欢照顾它们,喜欢和你们一起分享,我们非常享受边喝下午茶边欣赏我们从当地鲜花市场精心挑选的花。鲜花让一切事物变得更加美好。 这就是为什么我们兴奋地宣布即将和几束花合作。几束花在线供应鲜花,创造更好的生活环境,鲜花可以将生活环境装饰的富含爱的氛围和自然的美丽。 几束花为整个城市的居民提供华丽的精美季节性花束以及每天新鲜的花瓣。 10月27日至11月1日, 几束花将以独特的装饰方式将Kocoon spa 转变成为美丽的乐土。期望星期日下午花的装饰,精美的花束,花环DIY活动及不同的带有花香的精油创造的氛围让你更加享受你的护理。 装饰将会每天更新,独特的设计策划将会让你感受到越来越浓,越来越强烈的秋天色彩。只是一个短暂的欣赏。静下心来,肯定会感受到一路花香。沃尔特-哈根 社会媒体竞争 在Kocoon spa FLORETTE-几束花 周拍摄一张照片,分享到 Instagram,微信,微博账户,附属上@kocooning 和 @florette_florist,如果进入竞争环节,你将会得到免费的伊荷快速面部护理价值380元,以及几束花特制花束价值450元。我们将会在周末公布3名幸运顾客。 在这一周内Kocoon spa 的顾客及会员将会在购买FLORETTE-几束花裁剪的鲜花及花束时享受85折的优惠特权。 FLORETTE-几束花周特别护理 薰衣草/435元/60分钟 樱花瓣/435元/60分钟 茉莉花/500元/60分钟 所有的按摩护理都将包括牛奶海盐足部磨砂护理,护理结束时可以享受草药茶。

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    Maika Endo