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Kocoon Spa: June Promotion

Kocoon Spa: June Promotion

This month, experience relaxation and rejuvenation together, side-by-side in the same treatment room. Perfect for couples, mother-daughter, or close friends!

Book a side by side 60 min. Swedish Massage and enjoy an additional complimentary 30 minutes! Massage therapists can all give a nice relaxation Swedish massage in 60 minutes – but it’s almost always a compromised massage if it is to address the whole body including hands, feet, scalp and face. So we thought of offering you the chance to experience a real, long 90 minutes, to allow you to reach a deeper relaxation state.

The promotion includes:

  • Choose your massage oil blended with 100% natural essential oils- All Kocoon products are premium quality imported ingredients from France and UK.
  • A 60 min. Swedish Massage + 30 minutes additional massage targeted to your most tensed areas
  • Tea Ritual after your spa treatment

The benefits of these treatments:

The 90 minute sessions are great for complete work in several areas of the body and allows for the remainder of the body to be addressed much more thoroughly than an hour session. The most tensed areas are generally the back, neck and shoulder area. Some people are prone to headaches and migraines and may prefer a Soothing Head & Scalp Massage, or for ladies, a Nurturing Belly Massage. A 90 to 120 minutes massage is truly a complete massage experience! 

Terms and conditions:

  • Promotion Code: 36
  • Offer valid until June 15th and for WECHAT payments ONLY
  • Weekdays only
  • Not to be be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.
  • Management reserves the rights to amend or withdraw the promotion and bears the final decision in the event of dispute

Spa Reservation:

  本月,可以再同一护理房间同时享受放松和振奋精神的按摩。夫妻、母女、闺蜜的完美之选。预约一个双人60分钟瑞典式按摩将享受额外30分钟按摩护理。 按摩技师将在60分钟内为您提供舒适放松的瑞典式按摩,但它几乎是一个妥协性按摩,如果按摩整个身体包括手、脚、头皮和脸部。所以我们考虑提供给您一个感受真正的90分钟可以达到深度放松的按摩机会。  护理项目的好处: 90分钟护理能够作用到身体的各个区域, 能够使身体比在一小时之内达到更彻底的放松。最紧张的部位通常是后背、颈部和肩膀,有些人很容易头痛或偏头痛,可能更喜欢头部舒缓按摩,对女士来说可能更喜欢腹部按摩。 90分钟到120分钟按摩是一个完整的按摩经历! 条款:
  • 促销码:36
  • 截止日期6月15日,只支持微信支付
  • 只工作日有效
  • 不可与其它促销或折扣同时使用,管理者保留撤销此项促销的权利,并在争议中承担最终决定权

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