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Natural remedies for allergies in Autumn

Since the autumn wind has started to blow, the weather is amazingly pleasant. But if you are like me, waking up with nasal congestion, have itchy throat, feel irritable and tired, have troubles sleeping and blow your nose all day, then you have what we call "hay fever"!

You are allergic to outdoor airborne materials such as dust, pollens and molds traveling with the wind, and your immune system is reacting to it!

Here is what can relieve the symptoms, using aromatherapy*, and I have just prepared a blend for Kocoon's massage guests!

  • & Lavender
  • & Tea Tree
  • & Eucalyptus
  • & A carrier oil => At Kocoon, we use sweet almond oil

As soon as I applied it on my chest, neck and around my nose, I could feel myself breathing more comfortably and my nose stopped running immediately! You can also put the same essential oils in a air diffuser in your bedroom, and even add a drop of chamomile. I guarantee you will sleep deeply!

Dietary wise, it is recommended to stock up on Omega 3 Acids, by eating lots of fatty fish or add flaxseed in your cereals or smoothie in the morning.

Eat more of:

  • & Apples ( especially the skin), red onions, garlic, green and black tea => Stops histamines production, the chemicals released by your immune system to fight allergies. It is produced to contain inflammation by suppressing white blood cell accumulation. Have you noticed you had lumps?
  • & Carrots =>Beta carotene
  • & Pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, dark leafy green vegetables =>Vitamin C
  • & Astralagus ( Huang Qi), a Chinese medicine herb, know for booting the immune system. Check this herbal chicken soup recipe!
Avoid these products that may increase your production of histamines:
  • & Dairy products
  • & Soybean, legumes

You can find flaxseed, essential oils and organic coconut oil at World Health Store.

*Only use organic certified essential oils! Be aware of where you buy and what you buy, as sometimes essential oils are just synthetic fragrances in disguise