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  • Recipe for Kocoon's Chrysanthemum Spring Tea
  • Post author
    Maika Endo

Recipe for Kocoon's Chrysanthemum Spring Tea

According to Chinese medicine, spring is the perfect time to drink Chrysanthemum tea!

"This is because Chrysanthemum is good for the liver and the liver is most vulnerable in the spring time. Chinese medical theory states that the liver controls the eyes and many cases of headaches are due to an imbalance of the liver. If you think about the liver as being a like a big balloon full of blood and then becoming saturated with pollen and insecticides, it will start to expand and heat. The heat has to escape somehow and then rises up in the body causing red sore eyes and headaches. This is a perfect scenario to use ju hua (chrysanthemum flower tea). It has been used for many centuries to treat symptoms like red, dry, sore and painful eyes and headaches, dizziness and in modern times is being used to help high blood pressure read more...

" What you need:

Hawthorn (山楂 shānzhā) belongs to the family of roses and offer many health benefits such as promoting the health of the circulatory system and strengthening the heart, it is also an excellent digestion aid, full of antioxidants. Drink it to fight insomnia.

Chrysanthemum (菊花 júhuā) is a natural coolant, full of vitamins, it is known to boost the immune system and calm the nerves. Also a digestion aid, helps detoxification, and relieves sore throat and respiratory problems.

Rock Sugar (bīng táng) I personally don't like adding sugar as the fruits in the tea bring enough sweetness.

"You will find the dried kind in Chinese big supermarkets."

1-Put 1/2 cup dried hawthorn in a pot and a little bit of chrysanthemum flowers.

2-Optionally, you may add crystal sugar.

3-Pour boiling water. NB: You can make several steeps (3-4) out of one preparation if you keep on pouring boiling water.

  • Post author
    Maika Endo