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Reiki Q & A

Q: What does Reiki mean?

A: The word “Rei” means uni­ver­sal and the work “Ki” means life-force energy. There­fore Reiki means “Uni­ver­sal life-force energy”.


Q: How is a Reiki treat­ment given?

A: The Reiki prac­ti­tioner lays his/her hands on or above the recipient’s body. S/he then chan­nels the Reiki and trans­fer it through his/her hands into the person’s body to bal­ance his/her energies.


Q: What does a Reiki treat­ment feel like?

A: It depends because each per­son is dif­fer­ent. You can feel warm or cold spots, waves of heat, etc. But, every­one usu­ally feels more relaxed. They let go of ten­sion, are more pos­i­tive about life and have fewer fears and anx­i­eties.  It’s also not rare to see some­one fall asleep dur­ing a treatment.


Q: How does Reiki work?

A: Our body is com­posed of Ki, that’s what makes it work. Ki also trav­els through the Chi­nese merid­i­ans and other energy points (such as Chakras {Spin­ning Wheels}). Any energy block­ages or dis­tur­bances are likely to lead to an ill­ness. Reiki prac­ti­tion­ers use Reiki to bal­ance, har­mo­nize and break these block­ages. This energy is spir­i­tu­ally guided to go wher­ever and on what­ever lev­els it is needed (body, spirit, or mind).


Q: Who can learn to do Reiki?

A: Any­one who is will­ing to learn. There is no lim­i­ta­tion of gen­der, age or beliefs. It’s a very sim­ple tech­nique which does not nec­es­sar­ily require expe­ri­ence in med­i­ta­tion, heal­ing or other kind of train­ing. You just need to find a qual­i­fied teacher to instruct you.


Q: Where does Reiki energy come from?

A: The Reiki energy comes from above. We do not use our own energy so we need to take it from some­where else. We take it from the infi­nite universe.


Q: What can be treated with Reiki?

A: Any­thing on a spir­i­tual, men­tal or phys­i­cal level, whether we are aware of the prob­lem or not, can ben­e­fit from Reiki.


Q: Do Reiki treat­ments elim­i­nate the need to see a reg­u­lar doc­tor or psychologist?

A: Cer­tainly not! Reiki is a com­ple­men­tary heal­ing tech­nique that can be very help­ful, but does not replace med­ical care.


Q: Do you diag­nose clients’ health problems?

A: No. How­ever, we might sug­gest that you visit the doc­tor if we really think that some­thing is wrong with your health. But it would only be advice. The rest is up to you.


Q: Do I need to feel ill to ben­e­fit from Reiki?

A: Not at all. And if you want to have a treat­ment, you are more than wel­come since it will help you to keep your ener­gies into bal­ance, rein­force your immune sys­tem and make you feel spir­i­tu­ally and phys­i­cally better.


Q: Is Reiki a religion?

A: No, Reiki has a spir­i­tual nature but is not a reli­gion. You don’t have to believe in any­thing or go against your own beliefs. But if you are a reli­gious per­son, know that some peo­ple report that using Reiki often helps them to feel closer to God or the uni­verse. They feel like they have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of life and their purpose.


Q: How is one attuned to chan­nel Reiki?

A: As we said above, you first need to find a teacher with whom you feel at ease. The teacher will then ask you to sit down and will per­form the attune­ment. S/he will open your abil­ity to chan­nel Reiki energy, so that you can heal your­self as well as others.


Q: Does Reiki have any side effects?

A: Reiki is not harm­ful. Since it is guided spir­i­tu­ally there is noth­ing to worry about. How­ever, think of what it’s like when you want to ease the pain of a burn. You put a cold-pack on it mak­ing it burn harder at first before the pain dis­ap­pears. Reiki some­times works the same way. When you’re in the process of heal­ing, you may suf­fer from mild headaches or weak­nesses, but it’s nor­mal. You’ll have to drink water to cleanse you body of tox­ins and get ade­quate rest. It’s actu­ally a good sign and it doesn’t last for long.

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