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Thai Yoga Massage with Gyan Amin

Thai Yoga Massage with Gyan Amin

Kocoon spa will present visiting practitioner Gyan Amin for Thai Yoga Massage sessions Dates :18th & 20th October 90 min | 1050 RMB 120 min | 1250 RMB Reservation in advance is required with a 30% cancellation deposit You can pay for your deposit though Wechat. If for any reasons you cannot make it after signing up, please contact us 24 hours prior to the day of your booking and we can transfer the money back to your Wechat account.

 About Gyan Amin Gyan is a world traveler and spiritual searcher. He is an experienced teacher and practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage. Gyan started his romance with healing the body energy as a performance artist. He later moved to India where he stayed for ten years in the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune; There he learned and experienced different kinds of healing techniques and practiced the art of meditation. He later started to focus on Thai Yoga Massage Therapy as his main healing form. He traveled to Thailand and studied in different schools – Wat Po in Bangkok and old medicine Hospital in Chiangmai. Finally he attended and graduated the teacher's program in the TMC School in Chiangmai. Gyan taught Thai Therapy Massage and gave sessions in his home country Israel and in Taiwan where he lives now. For Gyan, Thai Yoga Massage is a spiritual discipline. Giving a session is a meditation of breath awareness and a chance of opening one's heart in compassion, thus bringing the treatment to a deep level of spiritual communion and healing.

 About Thai Yoga Massage Thai Yoga Massage is performed while the recipient remains clothed during the session. There is constant body contact between practitioner and client as the former uses finger presses, pulls, and stretches in order to free energy blockages and relieve tension. The practitioner perform a sort of dance using thumbs, palms, elbows knees and feet with the clients body helping to restore a healthy flow of life energy; presses special points along the energy lines and moves the client’s body to different Yoga postures. It is neither painful nor difficult massage to receive, the practitioner is constantly aware to the capacity of client and respects his/her borders and limits. Many times the experience goes well beyond a mere body relaxation, as deep silent meditative communion between giver and receiver creates a rejuvenating healing experience for both.This healing technique, apart from being pleasurable, can help to resolve a large number of body/mind issues.

Among its benefits ;

-Reliefs chronic pain, especially of the lower and upper back area, shoulders and neck.

-Improves vitality, improves blood circulation.

-Relaxes stress, lowers blood pressure.

-Increases flexibility to joints & limbs

 “I have known Gyan since 2009, and he is the person that made me discover Thai Yoga Massage, and later, Chiang Mai. He is a caring and supportive friend, an incredible teacher, counselor, and therapist. He has moved to Taiwan but I am very grateful that he will be with us for two days. I highly recommend a private session with him. It’s a mind opening experience, and you have never felt your body like this”. Maika, co-founder of Kocoon spa

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