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  • Wellness and health tips to protect yourself during winter
  • Post author
    Maika Endo

Wellness and health tips to protect yourself during winter

Wellness and health tips to protect yourself during winter

Reduced exposure to sunlight during the winter means less natural vitamin D production by the skin, and vitamin D itself regulates mood. Thus, you may experience a decline in your mood, some anxiety, and lack of appetite. In addition, your skin becomes more sensitive to cold, you may suffer from skin tightening and itchiness, chapped lips and dried hands. Some recommendations to cope with the effects of winter:
  • Practice regularly a physical exercise (ideally, 3 times a week): This will stimulate production of endorphines and dopamines, which will boost your energy and uplift your mood. We LOVE the 7 minutes Workout, allowing you to have a free sequence of a 7 minutes high intensity full body strengthening workout.
  • Supplement the lack of sunlight exposure with light therapy, to boost your vitamin D level and increase feeling of wellbeing.
  • Increase your vitamin intake to boost your immune system: Eat plenty of almonds, bitter chocolate, nuts, raisins, whole grains - rich in magnesium. Furthermore, increase your vitamin C intake, for a better, brighter completion: Eat more kiwis and lemon! Try Kocoon's immune boosting Ginger & Lemon Tea recipe or the Ginger & Orange tea recipe to keep flu away or for a speedy recovery.

  • Cocooning: Visit your favorite spa et indulge in a hot stone massage. Enjoy a warm bath at home. This will relax your muscles and you will feel better!

  • Beauty tip: For your chapped lips, after exfoliating the dead skin, apply a nourishing cream that you will keep close to you all winter.
  • Change your daily day cream to a more nourishing one. Add some argan oil or sweet almond oil in addition to your day cream, but in small quantity to avoid oiliness.
  • To create a shield against cold, apply a first layer of day cream before your breakfast, and a second layer afterwards. This will provide you for a double protection!

Elemental Herbology Wind & Cold Therapy  WHAT IT IS: A multipurpose moisturizing balm WHAT IT DOES: Heals dry, cracked skin KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea butter and buriti, rosa mosqueta, argan, and macadamia oils (moisturize); vitamin E and calendula (reduce inflammation) HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: The yellow balm is as thick as toothpaste when it first comes out of the tube but melts the second it touches skin; it smells like chamomile and lavender. WHY WE LIKE IT: It's a multitasking balm for the worst days of winter: The ointment-like formula protects cheeks from whipping winds and works equally well for softening cracked cuticles and lips.


减少暴露在阳光下的冬季意味着减少皮肤产生的天然维生素D,且维生素D能够控制心情。因此,你可能会经历心情低沉、焦虑、食欲不振等状况。 除此之外,你的皮肤会变得对寒冷比较敏感,感觉肌肤紧绷、痒、唇裂、手干燥。 一些应对冬季影响的建议:
  • 锻炼通常是一些身体上的练习(理想的话,一周3次): 这将会刺激内啡肽和多巴胺的产生,提高你的能量,振奋精神。
  • 用轻疗法来补充缺少的阳光,提高维生素D的水平,增加幸福感。
  • 增加维生素的摄取量来提高免疫系统:食用杏仁、黑巧克力、坚果、葡萄干、谷物(含有丰富的镁元素),并且增加维生素C的摄取量,更好地、更明确的补充方式:食用更多的猕猴桃和柠檬。

  • Kocooning:Kocoon spa在热石按摩中享受乐趣。享受家一般的泡浴。放松肌肉,你会觉得更好。
  • 美丽诀窍: 针对唇部蜕皮,去角质来祛除皮肤表层的死细胞后,使用滋养型霜将会保护你整个冬天。
  • 将你日常用的日霜更换成一个更滋养型霜,在你的日霜中加入一些有机精油或者甜杏仁油,但是只需少量即可,避免过于油腻。

伊荷滋养保湿护理霜, 200元 它是什么? 多效保湿霜 它的功效是什么? 治愈干燥、皴裂肌肤 主要成分: 牛油树脂、布里蒂、玫瑰果、坚果、澳大利亚坚果油(保湿);维生素E和金盏花(去火) 它感觉/味道/看起来怎么样? 它是黄色膏状的,当从管中取出时,像牙膏一样轻薄,能够立即和肌肤融合在一起;闻起来有菊花和薰衣草的味道。 为什么我们青睐它? 即使在冬季最恶劣的天气里,它也具有多重功效: 软膏状能够保护脸颊避免狂风的侵袭,也可以在工作时滋润干燥的皮肤和唇部。
  • Post author
    Maika Endo