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Our book selection

Feel free to visit us during our business hours, to have a cup of tea and check our community library "La Librairie d'Ashika". For a deposit of 100rmb, you may borrow books from us!

This book selection can serve you as an inspiration, as a guide or simply to deepen your knowledge of health and nutrition related topics. Let's snuggle on the sofa, get a cup of your favorite tea and simply enjoy reading!  [hr]


Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity: Understanding the Five Elemental Types for Health and Well-Being,
JASON Elias, KETCHAM Katherine

In Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity, Elias and Ketcham show how to use the preventive strategies and gentle, supportive remedies of traditional Chinese medicine to heal contemporary chronic illnesses and bolster immunity. The book teaches readers how to identify which element - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - most directly influences them and how to correct imbalances that can lead to particular physical, emotional, and spiritual disorders with step-by-step instruction for using stress-reduction techniques, diet and exercise, herbs, and acupressure.

Eating Animals, FOER Jonathan Safran

Doc­u­men­tary writ­ten by a con­tem­po­rary writer, young father and activist, about the fac­tory farm­ing industry.

It made me become veg­e­tar­ian for a year and a half, until I under­stood, this will not be a sus­tain­able solu­tion. It def­i­nitely opened my eyes on some­thing usu­ally we don’t want to know or see. I became a more ” con­scious” meat eater.

Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Revised Edition, WEIL Andrew

Eight Weeks to Optimum Health focuses all of Andrew Weil's expertise in both conventional and alternative medicine on a practical week-by-week, step-by-step plan, covering diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress, and environment—all of the aspects of daily living that affect health and well-being. And he shows how his program can be tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women, senior citizens, overweight people, and those at risk for cancer, among others.

Nourishing traditions, FALLON Sally

The cook­book that chal­lenges polit­i­cally cor­rect nutri­tion and the diet dictocrats.

This is my bible for a more healthy, con­scious, mind­ful cook­ing and eat­ing. Inspir­ing and delight­ful! It’s a must for your own sake, for your present and future chil­dren!  To all future generations…


Restoring balance, essential chinese medicine, Prof Zhang Bao Chun & Prof Chen Yu Ting

This book introduces 55 well-known balancing herbs and other substances commonly used in TCM. It explains the medicinal effects of these substances, how to identify, purchase and store them, and includes a wide variety of appealing and tasty recipes whereby they can be cooked as food for easy and enjoyable consumption.

You are what you eat, Gillian Mc Keith

Without sounding extreme, it did impact my life in a very positive way. Everything about this book makes you want to become healthy; the vivid colors, the photos, Gillian, her clinical stories and her own personal experience, recipes, tips, food list... It's all served to you on a golden tray! You just need to say yes, and run to your grocery store.

Herbal recipes, GLADSTAR Rosemary

175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family

Herbal teas, 101 nourishing blends for daily health and vitality, BROWN Kathleen, POLLAK Jeanine 

This guide to blending and brewing healthful herb teas includes easy-to-make recipes and anecdotes from several renowned herbalists. You will find teas for the head and throat, digestion, nervous system, lungs, bones and joints, skin, and more.


Vegetarian cooking, a common sense guide, Murdoch Books Pty Limited 

The vegetarian diet is being discovered by more and more people as a nutritious and delicious way to eat. The variety of fresh seasonal ingredients now readily available in our shops and markets offers great scope for creative cooking and eating. Vegetarian Cooking: A Common Sense Guide isn't just for vegetarians and vegans, but for anyone who loves preparing, serving and eating great food.


(The) Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, HICKS Esther & Jerry


The law of attrac­tions gov­ern­ing the universe…discover how to attract more of what you want, and let go what you do not want. This book will pro­vide you with spir­i­tual guid­ance and an orig­i­nal and new per­spec­tive! Def­i­nitely empow­er­ing. Check out the videos of their sem­i­nars on youtube.

(The) Way of the Superior Man, DEIDA David 

In The Way of the Superior Man, David Deida explores the most important issues in men's lives—from career and family to women and intimacy to love and spirituality—to offer a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom. Join this bestselling author and internationally renowned expert on sexual spirituality for straightforward advice, empowering skills, body practices, and more to help you realize a life of fulfillment, immediately and without compromise.



Yoga for lovers: The way to a sensual harmony, DUNNE KIRBY Robert & Connie

With an acces­si­ble text and evoca­tive pho­tographs, Yoga for Lovers is an easy to fol­low, step by step sys­tem of enjoy­able exer­cise, which can help peo­ple not only to feel well in them­selves but also to ben­e­fit from health­ier rela­tion­ships with each other.”

An inspir­ing book full of wis­dom and beau­ti­ful pho­tos, per­fect for your evening read­ing. A great alter­na­tive to unwind, de-stress and cou­ple bond­ing, all in sensuality!


Le guide des huiles essentielles et leur application therapeutiques, HOARE Joanna 


Chicken soup for the soul at work: 101 Stories of Courage, Compassion, and Creativity in the Workplace, CANFIELD et al.

Deep meditation, Yogani 

Hands of light, BRENNAN Barbara Ann

With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with fifteen years of professional experience observing 5,000 clients and students, Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness, health and their full potential.
Our physical bodies exist within a larger "body," a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience of reality, including health and illness. It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.

Life without limits, VUJICIC Nick 

Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic overcame his disabilities to live an independent, rich, fulfilling, and “ridiculously good” life while serving as a role model for anyone seeking true happiness. Now an internationally successful motivational speaker, Nick eagerly spreads his central message: the most important goal is to find your life’s purpose and to never give up, despite whatever difficulties or seemingly impossible odds stand in your way.

Meeting life, KRISHNAMURTI Jiddu

In this fascinating collection culled from teachings never before brought together in book form, Krishnamurti offers wise reflections and fresh perceptions on love, politics, society, death, self-censorship, relationships, solitude, meditation, spiritual growth, and much more.

Quantum healing, Deepak Chopra 

Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician-writer -- a book filled with the mystery, wonder, and hope of people who have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries from cancer and other serious illnesses.

Why People Don't Heal And How They Can, MYSS Caroline 

(The) Yellow Emperor's Classic of internal medicine, VEITH Ilza

The Yellow Emperor's Classic has become a landmark in the history of Chinese civilization. In recent years, traditional medical practice has seen a dynamic revival in China and throughout many countries in the Western world. Ilza Veith provides an extensive introduction to her monumental translation of this classic work, which is written in the form of a dialogue in which the emperor seeks information from his minister Ch'I-Po on all questions of health and the art of healing. A new foreword by Ken Rose places the translation in its historic contexts, underlining its significance to the Western world's understanding of Chinese medicine.

Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More; VITALE Joe, HEW LEN Ihaleakala


La vérite sur les cosmetiques, STIENS Rita

La vérité sur les cosmetiques naturelles, STIENS Rita

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