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Straight Bamboo clinic reopens

 A Unique Blend of Eastern Medicine with a Western Perspective

Straight Bamboo TCM Clinic is open 5 days a week for acupuncture and related treatments.

& Individualised and personal treatment with a focus on holistic health, effective communication

& information for English speakers

& Treatment and assistance designed to help you understand your imbalance and what you can do about it using Chinese medicine dietary therapy, Qigong, positive psychology and daily rhythms

& Acupressure, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua-sha & Massage

& Lifestyle Consultation - How to gain greater health & happiness using ancient Chinese health knowledge - for people who want to increase health awareness and discover balance through positive interventions.

Clinic locations & times:

The Hutong -

Sunday               9am-6pm

Monday               8am-7pm

Tuesday              8am-6pm

Wednesday         8am-6pm

Thursday             8am-6pm

Price: 250rmb for 60 minute treatment/consultation

Kocoon spa lounge and elixirs@ The Opposite House -

Monday            8am-11am

Tuesday            8am-10am

Wednesday        8am-10am

Thursday           8am-10am

Price: 350rmb for 80 minute treatment/consultation

Note: For any cancellation within 24-hours of an appointment, cancellation fee of 100rmb applies Call or email Alex Tan for appointments and more information: 



Phone: 150 115 103 63

Upcoming Events:

August 11th - FREE talk on how to use Chinese medicine to stay healthy and align yourself with your true destiny

August 18th - Eat Sleep Breathe workshop - Alex's most comprehensive TCM preventative health workshop For 'Metaphysics Walks' that run every other day

Alex Tan has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been studying and practicing TCM for more than 8 years. Alex has also been practicing Qi Gong for more than fifteen years. With a keen interest in TCM and preventative health practices, Alex traveled to China where he has been living and working for the past five years. He has learnt much about modern theory and clinical TCM in the hospital systems as well as immersing himself in ancient traditions embodied in the lifestyles and culture of the everyday Chinese people. Alex is well aware of the problems associated with modern TCM in the hospital system in China and aims at providing a more holistic and personal style of healthcare focusing on effective communication and information. Alex promotes modern health care approaches where the practitioner and client create a health and wellness partnership. Alex provides ongoing professional assistance using treatments, information and positive interventions giving each of his clients ample time and space, guiding them to choose the best way forward.

Alex believes the true treasures of Chinese medicine lie in its greater focus on holistic health combined with western natural health concepts, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, body work, counseling and lifestyle practices.  The key focus of this approach is not only to assist the healing process through TCM treatment, but also learning how we can live in accordance with nature to avoid illness and disease. The wisdom of the ancient Chinese can greatly assist this understanding of ourselves and our environment, so that we can use this knowledge in a practical way to adapt our lifestyles to be happier, more fulfilled and more productive.

The aim is to help you discover the transformative powers of Eastern Health practices for restoring and maintaining balance, health and happiness.

The point of health is that you get to enjoy the life that you desire and deserve — whether it’s enjoy­ing qual­ity time with your fam­ily, work­ing solidly towards your career ambi­tions, or engag­ing whole heart­edly with your community.

This is about cre­at­ing the best pos­si­ble envi­ron­ment for your life to start click­ing into place.  You’ll find your­self work­ing with life’s chal­lenges more pos­i­tively, ful­fill­ing your true des­tiny, and even­tu­ally leav­ing a mean­ing­ful legacy… this is the human condition.

Alex’s goal is just the same as yours — to get you to the place where you have the vibrancy and energy to be who you want to be, to do what you want to do… To pur­sue your dreams!

Straight Bamboo TCM Clinic @ The Hutong & Kocoon