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Wellness Tip of the Month: Morning Journaling

Wellness Tip of the Month: Morning Journaling

Kocoon spa’s co-founder Maika Endo shares one of her favorite tools to find inner peace in daily life:

Morning Journaling

For clearer and centered mind, better ideas, less anxiety. 

Think of it as “freezing thinking on paper. The paper is like a photography dark room for your mind” says Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Work Week. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way calls it “Morning Pages”: “It’s a  three pages longhand stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning”.

The Morning Pages are "to clear the mind, they can be petty, grumpy, they don’t need to be artistic. They allow you to be acquaintanced with your dark corners, it’s a clearing exercise. Imagine you meet your shadow and take him for a coffee.”

What do you need?

A notebook, and a good pen. I usually have a cup of coffee or tea. No music, just you and your inner voice whispers.

When is the best time for morning journaling?

I write first thing in the morning, when my mind is still foggy and lingering in the spiritual realms of dreams. You can just set a time that works with your schedule and where you can find a quiet moment. Ex: Every day 7:00-7:30am.


Morning journaling is my mindfulness practice, it makes me feel more grounded. I see it as an intentional unloading of cloud thoughts and mind chatters. Once I have written everything, the voices in my head will quiet down, and I will embrace the day with more lightness, fluidity and clarity. Whenever I have a question stuck in my mind, I will seek and find the answer through my morning journaling in time, naturally.


My advise:

Keep the practice daily, you will find the pace and it will become a happy habit. Be patient. Each day you are writing, you are cultivating the garden of your inner peace. You might find that writing actually seems to add time to your day!


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把它想象成“纸上凝固的思维”。本文是一个思想“黑暗房间的摄影”,Tim Ferris说,“每周工作4小时”的作者。 Julia Cameron,“艺术家的方式”的作者,称之为“早上页”。 ”这是一个长达3页的手意识流在早上写做的第一件事”。早晨的页面是“清晰的头脑,他们可以小,脾气暴躁,他们不需要艺术。他们允许你熟悉你黑暗的角落,这是一个清算运动。 想象你遇见了你的影子,请他喝一杯咖啡。”

你需要什么? 一个笔记本,一支好的笔,我通常喝一杯咖啡或茶 没有音乐,只有你和你内心的声音

什么时候是晨记的最佳时间? 我写第一件事情的时候,我的思想通常属于半梦半醒时。你可以根据你的工作日程来确定一个安静的时间。例如:每天早上7:00-7:30 晨记是我的正念练习,它使我感觉更实际。 我认为它作为一个意识存在,没有携带朦胧的想法和喋喋不休。一旦我写每一件事,通常会感觉更明亮,头脑中的声音会安静下来,我可以用更清楚的眼睛来拥抱这一天,使这一天更流畅。 并且,当我思想中出现问题时,自然地,我会立即在晨记中寻找,发现答案。

我的建议: 保持每日练习,你会发现这个步调,并且它会成为一个令你感到快乐的爱好。耐心一点,每天写作时培养一个平静的花园。你会发现写作似乎可以增加一天的时间。

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