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Kocoon spa’s red date & ginger tea

 What you need:

  • Ginger cut in thin slices or grated (spicier)
  • Red dates
  • Brown sugar

We love to make this tea in winter, because it helps keep your body warm and can be appreciated anytime of the day!

Simmer for at least 20 minutes, a handful of red dates cut in slices (Hong Zao | 紅棗 ), a thumb of ginger (Jiang | 姜 ) minced or sliced (I grate it because I love it hot and spicy!), brown sugar (Hong Tang 评论 ).

This beverage's benefits:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Help treat common flu
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help relieve menstrual pain

Read this article about red dates, something for women and new mommies

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Losing weight in a healthy way

In July, Kocoon’s Well­ness Hub will be bring­ing peo­ple together around health & wellness to empower them in becoming healthier, stronger, and happier...

Losing weight in a healthy way

Thursday July 9@Kocoon spa

Lokmane will share with you simple, safe and efficient ways on how to lose weight in a healthy way, using herbal tea, herbal medicine, soup and Qi Gong.
Thursday ​July 9, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Facilitator: Lokmane Benaicha, Chinese medicine therapist and health coach
Cover: 200rmb - Cash payments only

  • Space is lim­ited, book your spot now!
  • Wechat: Kocoon_spa
  • Email: com­mu­nity

About the practitioner:

Hailing from France, Lokmane Benaicha has lived in China Beijing for more than 10 years. He graduated from Beijing Chinese Medicine University (5 years studies in Chinese) and Beijing University with a Master degree on Chinese Philosophies (3 years studies in Chinese).

Lokmane Benaicha is a Chinese medicine therapist and health coach, but also a practitioner and teacher of meditation, Qi Gong, Yi Jing- The Book of Changes and the three Chinese wisdoms - Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.
Lokmane Benaicha speaks and teaches in French, English and Chinese, and he enjoys sharing the wonders of traditional Chinese culture with people.

Kocoon Wellness Hub program

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How to Use Chinese Herbs to Manage Cold & Flu

In July, Kocoon’s Wellness Hub will be bringing people together around health & wellness

"How to Use Chinese Herbs to Manage Cold & Flu

Thursday July 23

Ever wanted to know how to use all those Chinese medicines on the shelf in the local pharmacy? How does herbal medicine work? Why is Chinese herbal medicine different to other forms of herbal medicine? In this introduction to Chinese herbs we will examine a brief history of herbal medicine and the development of herbal theory, tastes, actions and more. From a practical point of view, we learn how to identify common patterns for colds and flu and buy the most suitable patent medicines from the local pharmacy. Alex introduces his Beijing Cold & Flu book that can guide you in this process. Timing: 11:00am - 12:o0pm Venue: Kocoon spa Facilitator: Alex Tan, Chinese medicine therapist and health coach Cover: FREE - Space is limited, book your spot now!

 The Beijing Cold & Flu Book

The Easy to Use Guide of Prepared Chinese Herbal Medicines to Treat Cold & Flu

After 10-years in China as a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Educator, Alex addresses one of the most common questions he gets in an easy-to-use self guide. That is: What Chinese herbs do I buy when I have a Cold & Flu?

Like the answer to most Chinese questions, including Chinese medicine... it depends! Alex's engineering and modern science background sensed he must be able to create a simple guide for people to be self sufficient in treating such a common condition like cold & flu. He began working on this project back in 2013 and with a skill in understanding and translating ancient health wisdom, then delivering it in a structured modern way - here is the final product. This book gives you the best chance of getting through a cold & flu as quickly and effectively as possible, or even avoiding the cold & flu all together.

Packed full of other information: ingredients; tips and notes on each formula; how to understand Cold & flu from a Chinese Medicine perspective as well as traditional remedies and more

This book is designed with the modern international person in mind. For those of you who are interested in Chinese Medicine and looking for a practical way to better your understanding, this book can be very useful. If you’re currently living in a Chinese city, and are keen to know how you can use Chinese herbal medicine to help you manage one of the most commonly experienced medical conditions - cold and flu - then this book is definitely for you!

 About Alex Tan

Alex Tan has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been living and working in Beijing since 2005. Many years prior to formal study, Alex’s engineering background and fascination with Western Science at the highest level led him to relational ideas in ancient Eastern philosophy. This connection and realization inspired him to eventually see life and health through the lens of Chinese medicine. Alex’s talent lies in understanding and translating ancient health wisdom, then delivering it in a structured modern way.

Read more about Alex Tan

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