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Gyrotonics: A cure to the hazards of sitting

Certified instructor: Jireh Li
April 16@Kocoon spa
150 rmb | person
Spe­cial Perk: Participants are entitled to a private class with Jireh for the promotional price of 280 rmb / 75 min session. Original price: 600 rmb

Feeling bogged down by the Beijing air? Annoyed by that constant neck ache? In 60 minutes, learn how to awaken your inner energies to regain freedom in your body. Through simple exercises, Jireh will show you how to open up your shoulders, loosen tight joints, and find your ideal sitting and standing posture. You will leave feeling rejuvenated with a new confidence in each step you take.

at Kocoon Spa's new branch in Sanlitun South.

Please email us if you would like to be reminded or sign up at

What to wear: Comfortable exercises clothes, no jeans, no dresses. Bring a small towel or gardening gloves and a pair of socks.
Who can come: Men and women, old and young!

About BodyChromatics

In essence, we use movement to help improve your quality of life. We choose to do it through Gyrotonic exercises because of its effectiveness - both immediately after class, and longer-term for holistic health. A session usually starts with gentle spinal movements followed by legwork. Exercises are done under the guidance of the teacher, as well as with the help of the Gyrotonic machine. The machine is fully adjustable for height, strength and ability, making it both safe and possible for even the most inflexible person to stretch out and workout. Each client's goals are discussed right from the start, because Jireh tailors every exercise to her client's specific needs. To learn more, please visit

About Jireh:

Miss Jireh Li is a Cer­ti­fied GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instruc­tor and taught exten­sively in New York before mov­ing her prac­tice to Bei­jing. She has completed all Core Certifications with the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® International Headquarters. She trained exten­sively with inter­na­tion­ally renowned Autho­rized Mas­ters Train­ers Sebas­t­ian Plet­ten­berg (GYROTONIC® Man­hat­tan) and Erika Has­san in New York, Miami and Tokyo, as well as completed train­ings in Hong Kong and Jakarta.
A Hong Kong native, she dis­cov­ered Gyro­tonic while work­ing as an invest­ment banker. Strug­gling with headaches, back and shoul­der pains at the com­puter all the time, she prac­tised Gyro­tonic twice a week. When it only took 3 months to undo the pain and spinal dam­age (sco­l­io­sis) she lived with for 20 years, she real­ized that Gyrotonic’s holis­tic approach to health was very dif­fer­ent from other exer­cises she tried, and found it a very effec­tive and effi­cient method to rebal­ance, keep fit and stay strong in an enjoy­able and effort­less way.

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New at Kocoon spa: Balance Bodywork with Regina

Balance Bodywork

Balance Bodywork is originated from the traditional Indian healing system Ayurveda. This Bodywork is based on deep tissue massage technique to release energy blocks in the body and to allow life energy to flow freely and balanced again.

Over time unrevealed emotions and thoughts manifest in the body. Muscles will get hard, joints stiff and energy cannot flow freely anymore. We will start to feel emotionally unbalanced, stressed and not in tune anymore.

Balance Bodywork helps to release tension in body and mind, to get in touch with your body and to deepen your body consciousness.

Individual Balance Bodywork Session: 90 min | 800 rmb
Availability from June 2013: Tuesday - Friday , 10:30 am -18:00 pm
Please con­tact us in advance to book an appointment
+8613717943406 or

Regina Rosenthal

Born 1972 in Germany and educated as MBA Economist, Regina worked in various cooperate offices in different countries.
Moving to India in 2005, her interest in working on a deeper level with people developed and she started the training of Balance Body Therapy in Pune. Since 2012 she is living in Beijing and curious to introduce this work in China.

During the session, I slowly released all the stress I have accumu­lated. Regina took the time to massage every part of my body, thoroughly, and with her heart and soul. After the session, I was very relaxed, but also very tired from this release. Then the next day, I was light again, feeling very balanced and relieved from the pressure and heaviness. It is rare to find such an experience in Bei­jing, where the practitioner gives so much presence and dedica­tion…”, Maika Endo

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Five Elements Therapy with Sarah Chung

Five Elements Therapy with Sarah Chung, TCM & Qi Gong Practitioner

The Concept of the Five Element Therapy

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Man (being the son of Nature) possesses the same qualities that Nature does. Everything in the Universe can be classified as Yin and Yang, which can be divided into the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

These Elements have a specific role in bringing balance to the body and mind. If one element has an excess or deficiency of energy, the whole system suffers an imbalance which can be manifested in an emotional or physical condition. Balance can be restored or enhanced by draining where there is excess and nurturing where there is deficiency.  In our new Five Elements Treatment, we employ different techniques of Qigong,  Acupressure, Auriculotherapy, and Music Therapy as an Integral Method to restore or enhance your well being which leads to feeling better, sleeping better,  looking better, thinking more clearly, working better, and living better. Because life as everything else in the Universe has a balance to be kept. [hr]

About Sara Chung

Raised in a family of healers, Sara started practicing acupuncture from a young age under her father’s guidance.  Formalizing her studies at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), Sara continues her life-long learning and makes great emphasis on Qigong as part of Internal Martial Arts and TCM. Presently, she is a permanent Qigong instructor at The China Culture Centre (CCC) in Beijing, China. As apprentice of Grandmaster Xu Mingtang, as well as Master Olga Smirnova, Sara has been developing in ZY Qigong’s Image Medicine, which is recognized as the highest level of Qigong. Moreover, under the teachings of her closest Master Liu Xuyang, Sara has become an initiated practitioner of the Sixth Generation of Bagua Zhang and has achieved the level of Qigong Shierlianshou Therapist Instructor. Qigong Shierlianshou is characterized by integrating the physical anatomy as well as the energy meridians of the body; it pursues health of body and mind in synchrony with the Universe and harmony with Nature. Sara has completed several hours of clinical practice at Wangjing Hospital and Huguosi Hospital in Beijing. Today she continues her education at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, working on the specialties of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina.

Private Sessions with Sarah Chung are now available at Kocoon spa!

Price: 60 min | 500 rmb Time: Monday & Friday from 12:00 - 20:30 Reservation: Please con­tact us in advance to book an appoint­ment. Reser­va­tion: +86 137 179 434 06 | 01065003797

Sara Chung, TCM & Qigong practitioner

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