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Microcosm of a macrocosm – how to live in accordance with nature

We tried it: Chinese Metaphysics Walk with Alex Tan 

After this incredible Thursday-morning walk with Alex, I was inspired, eager to live life to the full, and simply felt way better.

While walking around the Temple of Earth (地坛公园) and watching Chinese people doing their impressive morning fitness, Alex introduced us to Chinese Metaphysics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the importance of living in accordance with nature.

‘We are a microcosm of a macrocosm” – The human being is just an inhabitant of the Earth, living among a vast variety of plants and animals. Living between the Earth and the Sky, in the Universe. The question is: How can we live in harmony with this macrocosm? What is the perfect environment to flourish?

First important thing: If we want to live in accordance with nature, we have to live in the rhythm of nature.

"We have the opportunity to maximize the benefits of each organ and channel system and the consequent benefits for health, both physical and emotional. For example, each morning, when the Qi is in the Metal and Earth element, you have a window of opportunity to start shaping your life. Metal is about embracing the new by letting go of old conditioning. Then as the day moves on into Earth energy at 7am, our focus shifts towards creating strength through nourishment and operating as a balanced individual in the ‘here-­and-now’. So, depending on what you do between 5:00 and 9:00am, you can either be passive, or you can take charge and shape the day ahead and your destiny. One of the best ways to do this is to rise with the rising sun, do a body–mind–spirit workout during the Metal element and Large Intestine time (5:00–7:00am) and then have a Qi and Blood building breakfast during the Earth element and Stomach time (7:00-­9:00am)", Alex Tan.

“One who is good at preserving life gets up and goes to bed at a timetable adjusted to different seasons, and maintains a strict regimen in daily life.” 
Sun Simiao 581-­‐682 AD

By living at this rhythm you can do the best out of you and fully enjoy life.

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