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Kocoon's Wellness Resource of Beijing

These are places or products from people that I personally know and trust. I have either tried a treatment, or followed classes, recommend friends and they consistently gave positive feedbacks.

Health Center Contact Comments
Chinese Medicine
Alex Tan The Hutong & Kocoon 15011510363 Eastern medicine with Western perspective. Lifestyle consultation, cupping, moxibustion, acupressure, qi gong, educative talks and Yijing
Thomas Avery Chinese Culture 10-64329341 TCM, herbalism, children's care, internal medicine including the treatment of gynecology, as well as digestive, liver, and lung illnesses.
Karen Himlok Ara Nha Holistic Center 18701531685 Homeopath, naturapath, energy therapy. Experience with children with epilepsy. Menopause management. Trauma healing.
Yoga & Live Music Kocoon 10-64105016 Perfect for beginners, in an intimate setting and a small group.
Yoga Yonnie Fung Yonnie is passionate about yoga and teaching, the class is limited to 6, making the session a real learning and inspiring experience.
Yoga Yoga Yard 10-64130774 Big yoga center, conveniently located and perfect for walk-ins.
Yoga Mountain Yoga 13901021322 Yoga in a mountain retreat, close to Fragrant Hills.
Jen & Debbie East Lake Villa's clubhouse 13522993724 Uplifting mix of dance, fitness and martial arts.
Belly Dance      
Sandrine East Lake Villa's clubhouse 13693232347 Belly dancing includes warm up, fitness work out of the whole body, choregraphed movements.
Internal Martial Art      
Master Liu Small Steps Coaching 10-64166125 Practice indoor and in the parc, as well as weekly talks.
Begonia Kocoon 10-64105016 Reiki share every other wesneday, and reiki private sessions, teaching of level 1, 2, and 3.
Life Coaching      
Sandra Certified life coach to guide you through your project, personal development, help you see where you are at, and where you want to go and how!
Kocoon   10-64105016 You are welcome to visit us!
Gyrotonic  Jireh Li Gyrotonic is a movement system that works out every part of your body. It cures once-and-for-all chronic body aches, strengthens muscles, rejuvenates senses, reduces stiffness, stretches, and realigns your spine and boness.
Balance Body Work Regina Rosenthal A healing deep tissue massage technique to release energy blocks in the body and to allow life energy to flow freely and balanced again.

Healthy Sho

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Microcosm of a macrocosm – how to live in accordance with nature

We tried it: Chinese Metaphysics Walk with Alex Tan 

After this incredible Thursday-morning walk with Alex, I was inspired, eager to live life to the full, and simply felt way better.

While walking around the Temple of Earth (地坛公园) and watching Chinese people doing their impressive morning fitness, Alex introduced us to Chinese Metaphysics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the importance of living in accordance with nature.

‘We are a microcosm of a macrocosm” – The human being is just an inhabitant of the Earth, living among a vast variety of plants and animals. Living between the Earth and the Sky, in the Universe. The question is: How can we live in harmony with this macrocosm? What is the perfect environment to flourish?

First important thing: If we want to live in accordance with nature, we have to live in the rhythm of nature.

"We have the opportunity to maximize the benefits of each organ and channel system and the consequent benefits for health, both physical and emotional. For example, each morning, when the Qi is in the Metal and Earth element, you have a window of opportunity to start shaping your life. Metal is about embracing the new by letting go of old conditioning. Then as the day moves on into Earth energy at 7am, our focus shifts towards creating strength through nourishment and operating as a balanced individual in the ‘here-­and-now’. So, depending on what you do between 5:00 and 9:00am, you can either be passive, or you can take charge and shape the day ahead and your destiny. One of the best ways to do this is to rise with the rising sun, do a body–mind–spirit workout during the Metal element and Large Intestine time (5:00–7:00am) and then have a Qi and Blood building breakfast during the Earth element and Stomach time (7:00-­9:00am)", Alex Tan.

“One who is good at preserving life gets up and goes to bed at a timetable adjusted to different seasons, and maintains a strict regimen in daily life.” 
Sun Simiao 581-­‐682 AD

By living at this rhythm you can do the best out of you and fully enjoy life.

More about the Chinese metaphysics Walk and Alex Tan on 


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Raw caramel-nut-bars with chocolate and fresh fruits

My first intention was to do raw food blueberry muffins. I saw the recipe and it sounded great. Unfortunately the dough became sticky and it was impossible to form little muffins out of it. So I decided to add more nuts and raisins, some honey as well as one caramel and chocolate layer. For the freshness and some more vitamines I added fresh fruits. The result: Some delicous caramel nut bars with chocolate and fresh fruits!


The recipe:


First you need all nuts you like (I took one cup of each walnuts, cashews, and peanuts)


You put the half of it in a blender and mix it until it becomes a sticky mixture. Then you add the other half with a spoon and mix it (manually) so that the sticky dough becomes a great nut dough.


Now you can add dried fruits which you have to chop up first. I took dates and raisins. Then you add a little pinch of himalayan salt, some honey and cinnamon (as you like). Before eating everything you should quickly press the crust into a plate and put it in the refridgerator.


For the Caramel I took some salted butter, which I melt together with sugar in a little pot. When the sugar gets the typical caramel color and there are no pieces left you can take the pot from the stove and put it over one side of the nuts mixture. Put it again in the fridge.


Last and very important thing: the chocolate. You can melt it eather in a bain-marie (you need some patience) or just for a minute into the microwave to melten it.


When the caramel-nut bars dried, you can turn them onto the caramel side, so that you can put the chocolate on the other side. If you like to add fruits too, you should slice them before putting the chocolate on it. When the chocolate is still liquid, you can put the fruits on. Now you just have to put it in the fridge and wait for the chocolate to cool and voilà! Easy recipe for delicious, healthy home-made nutbars!



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Fall Tea Recipe

Cinnamon Apple Tea

With Autumn finally arriving, there is nothing nicer than sitting outside on my porch in the cool breeze with a cup of hot tea in hand. Hot tea is the perfect complement to the cool weather, and there are so many ways to spice it up. Here is one of my favorite hot tea recipe for sipping on a cool autumn morning.


  This is a fantastic apple based tea. You won’t need tea bags for this recipe as the apple is the core of the tea.
  • 3 apple slices
  • ½ teaspoon honey
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • 1 cup water (boiling)

Directions: Dice the apples and mash lightly with a fork in the bottom of a mug. Add the rest of the dry ingredients on top. Pour the 1 cup of boiling water over the apples and spices and stir. Allow to simmer in the boiling water for about 5 minutes then top with whipped cream and enjoy.  

Cinnamon is more than the brown powder that seasons morning toast. If steeped as a tea, it is said to have several medicinal and health benefits. This spicy, highly fragrant tree bark is native to south Asia and the Middle East. According to Home Remedies Web, the most common types are Ceylon and Cassia. When infused with hot water, these cinnamon varieties aid both the body and mind.

A boiled combination of cinnamon and water boost the body's immune system and speed recovery. Taken in regular doses, cinnamon tea may help to reduce inflammation from arthritis. Cinnamon contains cinnaldehyde, an anti-clumping and anti-coagulant that can help keep circulation going to reduce swelling. A common ingredient in hot toddies and mulled cider, cinnamon is one of the go-to ingredients for warming comfort during cold winter months. Cinnamon tea is a direct, flavorful way to get that heating sensation without the sugary sweetness of chewing gum or candy.   Article from:

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