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Facials at Kocoon spa

Receive the best facial skincare service at Kocoon spa!


Product Line: Elemental Herbology from UK

Our luxurious, solution driven spa treatments work to minimize the effects of seasonal, lifestyle, dietary, hormonal and environmental change, developed by Kristy Goodger, who combines her extensive knowledge of facial and body therapy with a genuine passion for promoting health and optimum well-being. Elemental Herbology treatments consistently deliver outstanding results.

Kocoon Signature Facial by Elemental Herbology | 90 min, 880rmb

Includes a back or legs relaxation

This transformative facial combines healing botanicals, vitamins, and marine extracts to feed the skin and restore equilibrium, while creating a more vibrant and healthy complexion. Totally bespoke, we customize and tailor the facial to address your skin’s needs. Incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification, and nourishment, this treatment replenishes the skin giving you immediate and long lasting results

Recommended by Louis Vuitton Guide 2014

“The Elemental SKIN FASTING” | 80 min, 580rmb

Stop skin eruptions in their tracks! For skin that requires an urgent purge, we employ cooling and clearing deep-cleansing actives, a dead-cell buffing enzyme peel, sebum-quenching aromatic compresses, extensive extractions, toning thermotherapy techniques, lymphatic drainage, and an ultra-purifying, pore-purging mask to leave your skin clean and clear. Includes: facial compresses, purifying cleanse, facial radiance peel, face, neck and shoulder massage with purifying facial oil, facial detox clay based mask, application of radiance boosting cell food, a small amount of soothing Oil Free hydrator.

“Diamonds and Pearls” | 80 min, 580rmb

When you need to look fabolous, fast! Using premium botanicals this SOS facial will dissolve dead cells and brighten your complexion, while aromatic compresses and a cell-plumping facial massage with an energizing aromatherapy balm and an icy de-puffing cucumber mask will leave your complexion positively radiant.

Plum and Supple” | 80 min, 620rmb

TLC is for dry and depleted skin. We restore hydration by using a nourishing balm to cleanse and polish, before moving into hydration overdrive. To restore balance, we feed your skin with essential oil tonics, an ampoule of cell-plumping actives, thermotherapy massage, rose infused floral waters, age-defying collagen, and reparative botanicals. This facial is guaranteed to leave your skin dewy, moist, and supple, perfect for après flight / morning-after facial.

Recommended by Cityweekend's editor-April 2014!

“Kocoon’s Gentleman”* | 75 min, 520rmb

Tailored to the specific needs of men, we will deep cleanse, shed dead skin cells, steam, extract, and nourish the skin to help protect against environmental damage and the effects of razor burn. We also reduce dark and puffy eyes to leave your skin clean, clear, and vital.

Reviewed by City Weekend in November 2013 


“Add on" is giving extra care to an area that needs a little more attention. Each add-on designed to act alone or as a prescriptive booster to any treatment.

Aloe Vera Cold Stone Facial Massage | 20 min, 200rmb

Only as an extension of a Facial

Bring your skin to life with this skin softening medicinal plant! Aloe Vera has moisturizing properties that can aid in the reduction of inflammation and decrease the appearance of acne scar tissue.

Aloe Vera Cold Stone Eye Contour Massage  | 15 min, 150rmb

Only as an extension of a Facial

Revitalize the eye area and reduce puffiness with this targeted hydrating treatment! We use light colored stones to increase the power of this therapy because lighter colors retain cooler temperatures longer.

Eyes and Lips Treatment | 20 min, 285rmb

Only as an extension of a Facial

This is a targeted treatment focusing on the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips, helping to reduce lines, puffiness, and dark circles. A combination of “super foods” with Elemental Herbology’s signature lifting and drainage techniques will visibly improve skin’s elasticity and firmness. Highly recommend as a “post flight” treatment.

“Swan's Neck” | 20 min, 320rmb

Only as an extension of a Facial

Don’t let your neck give away your age! This unique treatment combining Elemental Herbology’s signature lifting techniques with powerful anti-oxidant exfoliation, will help to keep your age a secret…who said the fountain of youth does not exist.

Eyes, Lips & Swan’s Neck  | 45 min, 550rmb

Don’t let your neck give away your age! This unique treatment combining Elemental Herbology’s signature lifting techniques with powerful anti-oxidant exfoliation, will help to keep your age a secret…who said the fountain of youth does not exist.


Kocoon's TIP: For best result, we recommend to not make up right after your facial. Your pores are open and you don't want to clog them back! Your complexion will be looking so clear and creamy that you won't need to wear any makeup to have that shiny glow![hr]


Kocoon spa@ The Opposite House: 137 179 434 06

Add an extra 100rmb and take a swim in the stainless steel indoor swimming pool of The Opposite House, enjoy the state of the art workout facilities. Booking time is the time your treatment will start, if you wish to shower or use facilities, please ket us know in advance.

Kocoon spa@ Taiyue Suites: 132 416 960 21

Wechat:  Kocoon_spa

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Kocoon April Spa Promotion

Kocoon April Spa Promotion

In April, season is changing and our skin may become more sensitive than usual. You skin may react to products or the weather change, and experience redness and peeling as well as the discomfort of itching, overheating and stinging sensations. We recommend:

- 75 min PHYTOMER Marine Collagen Soothing Facial

- 20 min Aloe Vera Facial Massage with Cold Stones

95 min. of pampering and relaxation / 665 rmb

Upgrade to a 90 min facial including the neck for the facial, and extractions for 120rmb

The heal­ing maringe extracts of the facial will reduce any red­ness and irri­ta­tion, refresh the epi­der­mis, and help build nat­ural protection, while the calm­ing, strength­en­ing, and repair­ing ben­e­fits of aloe vera* will leave your face com­pletely refreshed, toned and glow­ing with vitality!

* The 99% aloe vera gel used is from the brand Mill Creek, and is cer­ti­fied organic by ECOCERT. Also con­tains cucum­ber & com­frey extract. Paraben, fra­grance and gly­col free.

Other recommendations for skin prone to sensitivity:

- Avoid products containing fragrance as it is a key allergen-> look for fragrance free products.

- Avoid chemicals in soaps and cleaners such as sulfates and anti-bacterial agents, those will draw out moisture form your skin -> Look for mild, botanical based soaps or demo-cosmeric cleansing formulas.

- Choose alcohol free toners




  • 75分钟菲迪曼海洋胶原舒缓面部护理
  • 20分钟芦荟冷石面部按摩
  • 95分钟呵护放松护理/665元

+120rmb: 升级为90分钟面部护理包括颈部护理和去黑头。

此项治愈系海洋萃取面部护理将会减少红肿、刺激及更细表皮,帮助建立天然保障,芦荟可以镇静、加强、修复肌肤的益处可以使肌肤更清新,更滋润,更具有光泽! 99%的芦荟凝胶来自Mill Creek品牌,经过ECOCERT有机认证。它其中包括黄瓜精油和紫草萃取精油。无对羟基苯甲酸酯,无香精,无酒精。 其他针对于倾向于敏感性肌肤的建议: 避免使用含有香精,因为会引起过敏。选择无香精产品。 避免化学香皂和洁面乳,例如含有硫酸盐和抗菌产品,因为那些成分会吸收皮肤里的水分。选择温和的、植物的香皂和不含有化学物质的化妆品。 选择无酒精爽肤水

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