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Gyrotonics: A cure to the hazards of sitting

Certified instructor: Jireh Li
April 16@Kocoon spa
150 rmb | person
Spe­cial Perk: Participants are entitled to a private class with Jireh for the promotional price of 280 rmb / 75 min session. Original price: 600 rmb

Feeling bogged down by the Beijing air? Annoyed by that constant neck ache? In 60 minutes, learn how to awaken your inner energies to regain freedom in your body. Through simple exercises, Jireh will show you how to open up your shoulders, loosen tight joints, and find your ideal sitting and standing posture. You will leave feeling rejuvenated with a new confidence in each step you take.

at Kocoon Spa's new branch in Sanlitun South.

Please email us if you would like to be reminded or sign up at

What to wear: Comfortable exercises clothes, no jeans, no dresses. Bring a small towel or gardening gloves and a pair of socks.
Who can come: Men and women, old and young!

About BodyChromatics

In essence, we use movement to help improve your quality of life. We choose to do it through Gyrotonic exercises because of its effectiveness - both immediately after class, and longer-term for holistic health. A session usually starts with gentle spinal movements followed by legwork. Exercises are done under the guidance of the teacher, as well as with the help of the Gyrotonic machine. The machine is fully adjustable for height, strength and ability, making it both safe and possible for even the most inflexible person to stretch out and workout. Each client's goals are discussed right from the start, because Jireh tailors every exercise to her client's specific needs. To learn more, please visit

About Jireh:

Miss Jireh Li is a Cer­ti­fied GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instruc­tor and taught exten­sively in New York before mov­ing her prac­tice to Bei­jing. She has completed all Core Certifications with the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® International Headquarters. She trained exten­sively with inter­na­tion­ally renowned Autho­rized Mas­ters Train­ers Sebas­t­ian Plet­ten­berg (GYROTONIC® Man­hat­tan) and Erika Has­san in New York, Miami and Tokyo, as well as completed train­ings in Hong Kong and Jakarta.
A Hong Kong native, she dis­cov­ered Gyro­tonic while work­ing as an invest­ment banker. Strug­gling with headaches, back and shoul­der pains at the com­puter all the time, she prac­tised Gyro­tonic twice a week. When it only took 3 months to undo the pain and spinal dam­age (sco­l­io­sis) she lived with for 20 years, she real­ized that Gyrotonic’s holis­tic approach to health was very dif­fer­ent from other exer­cises she tried, and found it a very effec­tive and effi­cient method to rebal­ance, keep fit and stay strong in an enjoy­able and effort­less way.

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Life Coaching with Dalida Turkovic

MAY 30: Coach­ing Intro­duc­tion Ses­sion with Dalida

Coach­ing is tak­ing off in China and it has become a new buzz word for pro­fes­sion­als and indi­vid­u­als who are look­ing for improv­ing the way they work as well as the over­all qual­ity of life. In 90 min­utes you will hear an overview of what are dif­fer­ent coach­ing approaches and how to make a deci­sion of coach­ing is the right approach for you


What is the dif­fer­ence between Busi­ness, Exec­u­tive, Career, Man­age­ment and Life Coaching

How to select a coach and

What to look for in coaching

What are usual coach­ing agree­ments: dura­tion and price

Time: 19:45 — 21:15  |  19:30: Sign up and and enjoy some tea

Place: Kocoon spa’s new space in San­l­i­tun South, Taiyue

RSVP please (lim­ited space) & more infor­ma­tion: 137 179 434 06 or write us an email at



Dal­ida has been work­ing in the field of train­ing, coach­ing and con­sul­tancy since 1995.
She has deliv­ered a vast num­ber of pro­grams in Vision, Val­ues & Goals, Lead­er­ship and Team­build­ing pro­grams for cor­po­rate clients in China, Cam­bo­dia, Hong Kong, Tai­wan, Mon­go­lia and Thai­land. Through her work she has a pro­found insight into key issues that cor­po­ra­tions face in a fast and ever chang­ing envi­ron­ment.
In 2002 Dal­ida founded her own coach­ing and con­sult­ing com­pany, Small Steps (China) Ltd., with the aim to assist per­for­mance enhance­ment and facil­i­tate change through coach­ing and con­sul­tancy using holis­tic approach. In all her work, Dal­ida is dri­ven by a pro­found inter­est in what moves and moti­vates peo­ple.
Dal­ida is a cer­ti­fied Mas­ter Coach and a mem­ber of Inter­na­tional Coach­ing Coun­cil. She also holds cer­ti­fi­ca­tions in NLP and is EQCoach and EQ Trainer with BA in Chi­nese Lan­guage and Lit­er­a­ture from the Bel­grade Lan­guage University.

As a prac­ti­cioner of inter­nal mar­tial arts Dal­ida actively applies the mar­tial arts phi­los­o­phy in her coach­ing and consultancy.

“In all my work I am dri­ven by a pro­found inter­est in what moves and moti­vates peo­ple. I believe in big changes through small steps whilst keep­ing the body and mind in bal­ance. Over two decades of work­ing in China, I have wit­nessed first hand the impact of change on cor­po­ra­tions and top exec­u­tives and this has led me to develop a holis­tic coach­ing approach.  Draw­ing on my 12-year inter­nal mar­tial arts prac­tice, I actively imple­ment prin­ci­ples of Tra­di­tional Chi­nese Med­i­cine phi­los­o­phy to help my clients achieve bet­ter focus, increased con­fi­dence and a sense of well-being in both their per­sonal and pro­fes­sional lives. ”

Press Reviews from Dal­ida 


SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR KOCOON SPA CLIENTS | One hour coach­ing ses­sion for only 500 rmb

This month you can enjoy one month coach­ing (3–4 ses­sions per client) for a trial price of 500 rmb per 1h ses­sion! You safe 50%!  
To take advan­tage of this spe­cial offer please write an mail to Dal­ida at by men­tion­ing Kocoon spa dis­count in the sub­ject line. 

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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life

By Yara Coelho


 1. You will meet amazing people.

While traveling with friends or a significant other can be a lot of fun, traveling solo for a certain amount of time can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do because of the great people you’ll meet.

When we travel with friends or a partner, we tend to stick to that little group of familiar faces and even though you’ll meet new people, the dynamics and interactions won’t be as deep and fulfilling. While you’re on your own on the road, you’re much more eager to meet travel buddies, team up with other travelers and generally reach out more in order to socialize.

2. The overwhelming sense of absolute freedom.

When you travel on your own and you start meeting people and making awesome friends, you’ll probably team up with travel buddies and end up expanding your travel plans. You’ll probably change your plans once you hear about that amazing waterfall, that incredible desert beach, the opportunity to bungee jump from a high bridge, or taste a special delicacy you’ll only find off the beaten track.

When you’re traveling, you’re open to change and you’ll welcome it with open arms. The great thing is that you don’t have to fit into a group’s agenda, give explanations or disappoint anyone, you can follow your rhythm, desires and move like the wind.


3. Traveling alone challenges your fears and insecurities

This is a big one, especially if it’s your first solo experience. I remember the first time I traveled when I was 18 and moved to London on my own for 3 months to be an au pair and live with a local family. I was terrified of the unknown, but if I would have surrendered to that fear, I would have never get to know the strong, courageous and adventurous side of me. I was scared, but I did it anyways and by the 3rd day, I was really proud of myself. From then on I never let fear stop me. 16 years and many adventures later, I still have a little voice inside my head, asking: “What if something goes wrong?” “What if you get into trouble?” This is normal and perfectly human; fear exists for our own protection and boosts our awareness. But we shouldn’t let it control our lives.

Safety can be a great comfort, but common sense is the key. Read and research a lot before you travel, check out hostel reviews, and research feedback from other travelers in forums and blogs. Respect the local culture and I guarantee you’ll be fine.

4. Fall in love.

Everyone wants to find their better half and much is said about failed relationships while on the road. It doesn’t have to be like that! We find love when we meet someone who shares our interests, dreams, and goals. While traveling solo you’ll meet so many people from all walks of life that falling in love might just happen. Whether it will be a great summer love or end up at the altar, no one knows, but there are many people out there with amazing stories.

If you already have a partner, this time away can boost your passion and once you’re back, you’ll appreciate each other’s company more.

5. You can take the time to nurture yourself.

If you have a stressful life back home, either studying hard or working too much, traveling on your own can be the time to take some time off and nurture yourself.

Whether you’re a backpacker traveling cheap or if the sky is the limit as far as your budget goes, you can use this time to pamper yourself. Indulge in rich and delicious local meals which will boost your energy and health, take long walks on the beach by sunrise, or get a massage. Do some yoga and relax a lot. Enjoy all the wonderful things you deserve, and understand that happiness is a birth right, not a privilege.

6. You’ll have a chance to recreate yourself and be who you want to be.

While traveling solo, you can leave your grumpy, tired old self behind and start to be a new you. Explore parts of your personality you are not very comfortable or familiar with. When on the road, you might be challenged by unexpected factors and be positively surprised how well you respond to them. Empower yourself by unleashing the wonderful, irresistible and intelligent person you are, but whom you’ve neglected in your everyday routine.

7. You can finally take time to leave everything else behind.

Just disconnect from the world for a while. Turn off your mobile, “forget” to check you emails for a few days… don’t think about the bills, the responsibilities, the duties and problems. Leave them behind.

Some of the most intense creative times or the ones where we find the solutions for all our problems are actually the moments when we disconnect and stop worrying. Have you ever tried to remember a name or a date and you just can’t spit it out, but after you quit trying it pops out? It’s the same for the rest of life. Sometimes our brains need to get rid of old thoughts in order to be able to create space for new ones, better ones. So just disconnect yourself from everything and you might be amazed by how fresh you’ll feel once you get back home.

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Travel Apps

Kocoon's selection of Travel apps


Search, book, pack, and go with these mobile apps, websites, and online services that help you get out the door.

During the planning phase, and while in the midst of taking time off, you can rely on a number of excellent apps, websites, and services that can help put your mind at ease about your holiday.



If you ever have a long connection through Chicago O'Hare, you'll want to go straight to Tortas Frontera for sandwiches. At San Francisco International Airport, there's a yoga room where you can decompress and stretch before your next flight. Of course, if you have the GateGuru iPhone app or the GateGuru Android app, you won't need to rely on my advice, as you'll have all these great tips and lists of services to help you navigate the world's best and worst airports.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone



Packing Pro:

Packing Pro is a mobile app made for super list makers. It helps you remember what to pack and can also serve as evidence of what you packed if your luggage were ever lost. You work from one of many sample lists of items to pack, or you can create your own and tick off items as they go into your luggage. It has a handful of other reminders, too, like booking reservations and watering the plants before you leave home, which you can save into checklists to guide your harried soul while you're running around your apartment like a chicken with its head cut off worried that you'll miss your flight if you dally a moment longer. The $3 app may seem like overkill to those who have packing down to a science already, but it can be an excellent tool for parents who are packing for multiple family members before leaving on vacation.

Available on: iOS

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