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The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is more than just another pretty plant.

The ancient succulent is just one of 450 different types of aloe that dates back to 2100 BCE. Originating in Africa, the dessert plant is now grown around the world for various reasons. According to the Global Diabetes Community,aloe vera juice can decrease blood lipids and swelling, both of which are common in diabetics. Aloe vera juice can also be used as a laxative, but be careful not to consume too much because it can also cause stomach cramps, kidney problems and heart disturbances, warn experts at The Mayo Clinic.

In the infographic below by Natural Healers, a website for students of natural medicine, we learn more about this medicinal plant, including how to grow it in your own home. 

This infographic explain the story of the aloe vera, his composition and the benefits for your body.

 Source: The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

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Thai Massage Therapy

Ingrid is a Member certified in Professional Thai Massage for Therapy and Thai Massage for Health at Watpo. She will be offering private sessions at Kocoon spa on Wednesdays. Discover the Thai massage techniques to relaxe and revitalize your body and spirit!
Treatment Description: 
Carried out on a floor mattress and without the use of oils, Thai massage uses thumbs and palms pressure, stretching and stimulating energy (sen) lines to achieve complete relaxation and revitalization. Definitely an excellent way to improve circulation, decrease blood pressure, eliminate toxins, gain flexibility, reduce stress, increase energy levels, amongst other benefits.
About the Practitioner: Inspired by the foundations of the traditional Thai medicine and her continuous interest in exploring alternative ways of healing, Ingrid found in Thai Massage not only a beautiful but also effective traditional technique. Member of the Thai Healing Alliance and certified in Professional Thai Massage for Therapy and Thai Massage for Health at Watpo- Thailand, where she learned the traditional 2 hour massage sequence, acupressure and different therapies to approach common ailments.
Date: On Wednesdays Time available to book : 5:30pm - 8:30pm Loca­tion : Kocoon Spa Cover: 880rmb | person | 90 minutes session Information and reservation: reservations {at}
What is Thai Massage? - Thai Massage is part of the Thai Traditional Medicine ́s (TTM) - It ́s pillars are: Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhism, Chinese herbal medicine and Thai herbal medicine - It ́s also known as Yogi Massage because many of the postures are analogue to the ones practiced in Yoga. The energy lines that are stimulated during the practice are also stimulated during the massage - There are many types of Thai Massage; northern style, southern style, Watpo style and many variations between them. - Watpo style comes from the famous Watpo Temple in Bangkok, where all the knowledge was consigned on the temples walls, it is also known as the Royal Massage due to its respectful protocol and minimum contact with the receiver. This became the first official school in Thailand. - Benefits: Blood circulation, muscle relaxation, increases flexibility, decreases blood pressure, reduces cortisol (stress hormone), muscle tone, joint lubrication.
Ingrid 是卧佛寺的一个经过认证的治疗型专业泰式按摩和保健泰式按摩组织的成员。她将每周三在Kocoonspa 提供私人课程,探索泰式按摩的益处,来放松和振奋你的身体和精神. 护理描述: 在地板的垫子上不需要使用精油,泰式按摩只通过大拇指和手掌压力,拉伸和刺激能量(SEN)线实现完全的放松和振奋,绝对是改善血液循环,降低血压,消除毒素和增加弹性,减少压力,提高能量水平的一种极好的途径。 特邀导师: 灵感来自传统的泰式医学基础和她在探索另类的治疗方式持续的兴趣。Ingrid 发现泰式按摩不仅漂亮而且是有效的传统技术。 她是泰国治愈联盟和卧佛寺的经过认证的治疗型专业泰式按摩和保健泰式按摩组织的成员,在这里她学会了针对常见疾病的传统的2小时按摩和指压疗法序列。 日期: 每周三 时间: 下午5:30-8:30 地点: Kocoon spa 费用: 880元/人,90分钟 更多信息和预约: reservations[a] 加入 Ingrid 在 Kocoon spa 的工作坊活动请点击链接 什么是泰式按摩?
  • 泰式按摩是泰式传统医学的一部分
  • 核心:瑜伽、印度草药医学、佛教、中国草药医学、泰国草药医学
  • 它也被称为瑜伽按摩,它的姿势是模拟的练习。瑜伽能量线在练习中被刺激,也在按摩中被刺激。
  • 泰式按摩有很多种类型:北方风格,南方风格,卧佛寺风格还有很多不同的风格。
  • 卧佛寺风格来源于曼谷著名的卧佛寺庙,所有的知识都被放置于寺庙的墙壁上。它由于和顾客之间尊重的协议和最小的接触,也被称为皇家按摩。它是泰国第一所官方正式学校。
  • 益处:刺激血液循环,放松肌肉,增加灵活性,降低血压,减少皮质醇(应激激素),肌紧张,关节润滑。
                                                             acupressure with Ingrid

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Thai Massage & Acupressure for Headaches

Thai Massage & Acupressure for Headaches at Kocoon Spa

Thursday May 19  At Kocoon Spa Do you have sometimes headaches ? Stressed out by your work or simply tired ? About One in six american suffer chronic headache every year, according to howstuffworks. A worrying phenomenon which is growing. Together, we would like to find solutions to fight headache. At Kocoon Spa, we give you the opportunity to learn Thai massage for headaches with a professional Thai Massage Therapist: Ingrid Tsai. She is a member certified in Professional Thai Massage for Therapy and Thai Massage for Health at Watpo.
  • Date : Thursday, May 19
  • Time : 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  • Price : 350RMB/person - cash payment only
  • Reservation at : community[at]
  • Space is limited, book now !
  • Thai massage practitioner : Ingrid Tsai
  • Book your private session on the day of the event and enjoy 10% off
  • Dresscode: This massage is performed with clothe on. You can prepare some comfortable clothe and change at the spa.
  • No experience is needed, all levels are welcome!

About Ingrid Tsai:

Inspired by the foundations of the traditional Thai medicine and her continuous interest in exploring alternative ways of healing, Ingrid Tsai found in Thai Massage not only a beautiful but also effective traditional technique. Member of the Thai Healing Alliance and certified in Professional Thai Massage for Therapy and Thai Massage for Health at Watpo- Thailand, where she learned the traditional 2 hours massage sequence, acupressure and different therapies to approach common ailments. Carried out on a floor mattress and without the use of oils, Thai massage uses thumbs and palms pressure, stretching and stimulating energy (sen) lines to achieve complete relaxation and revitalization. Definitely an excellent way to improve circulation, decrease blood pressure, eliminate toxins, gain flexibility, reduce stress, increase energy levels, amongst other benefits.



Kocoon spa 通过泰式按摩和指压疗法缓解疼痛

Kocoon spa 5月19日 星期四 你经历过间断性头痛吗?工作压力过大或者疲劳?每年美国六分之一的都会由于工作而引起慢性头痛。一个令人担忧的现象正在增多。我们要找到解决方式来对抗头痛。 Kocoon spa 将为您提供机会来学习针对缓解头痛的专业性泰式按摩。特邀导师 Ingrid , 她是卧佛寺的一家经过认证的治疗型和保健型泰式按摩组织的成员。
  • 日期: 星期四, 5月19日
  • 时间: 晚7点至8点半
  • 价格: 350元/人,只接受现金支付
  • 预约: community[a]
  • 位置有限,赶快行动吧!
  • 泰式按摩导师:Ingrid Tsai
  • 在活动当天预约私人课程可享受9折优惠 : 预约


灵感来自传统的泰式医学基础和她在探索另类的治疗方式持续的兴趣。Ingrid 发现泰式按摩不仅漂亮而且是有效的传统技术。 她是泰国治愈联盟和卧佛寺的经过认证的治疗型专业泰式按摩和保健泰式按摩组织的成员,在这里她学会了针对常见疾病的传统的2小时按摩和指压疗法序列。 在地板的垫子上不需要使用精油,泰式按摩只通过大拇指和手掌压力,拉伸和刺激能量(SEN)线实现完全的放松和振奋,绝对是改善血液循环,降低血压,消除毒素和增加弹性,减少压力,提高能量水平的一种极好的途径。 

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How to find relief from migraines

By Yvette C. Terrie for U.S. News
 Everyone gets a headache now and then, but migraine headaches are characterized by recurring attacks of moderate to severe headache pain. Often called migraines, these headaches are a common neurologic condition that can negatively affect an individual’s quality of life. If you suffer from migraines, you are not alone. According to the National Headache Foundation and the American Migraine Study, more than 37 million individuals in the United States are affected by migraines, making them the second-most common type of headache. Migraines are most common among individuals ages 25 to 50, and migraines are three times more common in females than in males. Migraines typically start in childhood and may get better or worse as an affected individual ages. Research from the National Headache Foundation suggests that migraines tend to run in some families and that 70 to 80 percent of migraine sufferers have a family history of migraines. If you are like the 37 million individuals in the United States who are affected by migraines : We have a product suitable for you at Kocoon Spa : Head & Scalp Guasha at Kocoon Spa Our Anti Migraine Head & Scalp Guasha is espe­cially rec­om­mended for headaches and migraine attacks, low energy and com­mon cold. Otherwise we also have workshop and private sessions at Kocoon Spa created to learn thai massage moves for headaches :

Signs and Symptoms :

Migraines may last four to 72 hours and can disrupt your life. Some individuals who get migraines experience warning symptoms, known as an aura, before the onset of the migraine. An aura involves a group of symptoms including vision changes. The most common symptom associated with migraines is a throbbing pain on one side of the head. The signs and symptoms vary among individuals and may include:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision and/or a temporary blind spot
  • A zigzagging or flashing light
  • Sensitivity to light, smell and sound
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Cause and Common Triggers
While the exact cause of migraines is not known, genetics and environmental factors have been identified as possible causes. Several triggers include:
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • Changes in weather, altitude and/or air pressure
  • Hormonal changes, like those that occur during a menstrual cycle or pregnancy
  • Environmental factors, such as noise, bright lights or certain odors
  • Consumption of vasoactive substances in certain foods, such as nitrates, tyramine (i.e. in aged cheese) red wine and monosodium glutamate
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Use of certain pharmacologic agents, such as nitrates, oral contraceptives, nifedipine and postmenopausal hormones
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Smoking
  • Diagnosis
There is no single test for diagnosing migraines. If you suspect you are having a migraine, your doctor will review your medical history and symptoms as well as conduct complete physical and neurologic exams. Other medical tests, such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, may be ordered to rule out other medical conditions.

Treatment :

The medications used for managing migraines are typically classified as preventive or pain-relieving medications. Treatment is determined by the frequency and severity of your migraines, the cause of your migraines, your other medical conditions, and your allergy history. Your pharmacist will explain how to take your medication. Some medications are taken daily, while others are taken at the onset of a migraine. In addition, several OTC products are marketed for the treatment of mild to moderate migraines. These products contain analgesics such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin, as well as caffeine. It is important to note that self-treatment of migraines is only recommended after a diagnosis has been confirmed. To prevent drug interactions, contraindications or adverse reactions, it is important to discuss the use of these products with your doctor or pharmacist beforehand. Some patients with migraines may find relief by using alternative remedies such asbiofeedback, acupuncture, relaxation techniques and nutritional supplements.

Management and Prevention :

The best way to prevent migraines is to take your medication at the first sign of a migraine or before being exposed to a known trigger. Keeping a headache diary may help you identify possible triggers. Lifestyle modifications may reduce the frequency and severity of migraines; modifications include avoiding known triggers, exercising regularly, taking medication as directed and not skipping meals. You can ease the pain and discomfort associated with migraines by:
  • Getting sufficient sleep
  • Keeping a headache diary to determine your headache triggers
  • Resting and relaxing when possible, and reducing stress

Conclusion :

Migraine pain can be unbearable, so it is important for you to take your medication as directed and to seek immediate medical care if you do not obtain relief or if your migraine worsens. If you are taking any other medications, have other medical conditions, or are pregnant or breast-feeding, you should never take any medication until you have consulted your primary health care provider.


Source : huffingtonpost

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Business & Marketing Mentoring

Business & Marketing Mentoring

For who:
  1. Practitioners in the beauty, health and wellness industry who need to develop the business side of their activity.
  2. Individuals who would like to set up their clinic / practice / wellness center / spa.
Some of your questions may be:
  • How to go from a dream to a business entity with a strong team and stable clientele?
  • How should I market myself?
  • Which platform should I use to stay connected to my customers? 
  • How to create my website effortlessly?
  • How to organize my work flow so I can spend more time working "on my business" rather than "in the business"?
  • I'm not interested in marketing, what can / should I do weekly with little time? 

What I provide: One-to-one business & marketing private mentoring: I share the tools, and we work on it together, and they become your tools. Managing your business and marketing becomes natural and you save time to focus on your core activity.

About me: My education is international business, which taught me a method of thinking and working with people from all cultures and backgrounds. My experience comes from founding and managing a boutique day spa in Beijing, for more than 8 years. Over 8 years, I went from working 12 hours a day and being underweight 10 kg, to a more balanced life where I delegated progressively key responsibilities. Today I am managing the business remotely from overseas and I focus on aspects that utilize my creativity and vision. Being an unexperienced small business owner in a foreign country, it took a lot of trials, missed attempts and small victories to learn a optimum relationship with my own business and yield better performance. We don’t just produce more time, we learn to be more time efficient and focused, and we build productive work patterns.

Why? For 8 years, I have collaborated with numerous practitioners in the health and wellness industry, and realized that for them, turning a passion into a business represented sometimes a challenge. The often asked me what I did for Kocoon in terms of marketing and how I managed it. I have learned so much from them for my own spirituality and health, I felt the need to support them in their mission. How? By sharing business and marketing tools that I have streamlined over time. This is a also my way to continue collaborating and exchanging with people who inspire me the most.  Along the way, other "wellness -preneurs" have come to me, asking questions about my path. They hold a dream in their heart, an idea for a project, and it is a very fragile thing, that can be easily dropped and abandoned. To create and build the company of your dreams you will need:

  • Faith, perseverance, and even stubbornness
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Surround yourself with the right people, ask a lot of questions!

I missed having a mentor whose steps I could follow, and I have made so many costly mistakes! Today,  I dedicate myself to the ones who have a dream, and a lot of questions.

Kocoon spa in facts:

  • Kocoon is a boutique day spa with 8 years of business, located in the center of entertainment in Beijing
  • Winner of the “Best Spa” and "Best Hotel Spa"  2016 Cityweekend  Award
  • Winner of the “Best Spa” and "Best Hotel Spa"  2015 Cityweekend  Award
  • Generating above 200 000$ annual business in 2015
  • Nominated twice by Asia Spa Awards for Best Spa in Beijing
  • Ranks in first page when you google “Waxing Beijing” and “Spa Beijing”, first position for “Facial Beijing”
   @kocooning  facebook  Koconspa   wechat  Kocoon_spa   pinterest Kocoon spa  Kocoonspalounge
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Is it Healthy to Get Massages Regularly?

Is it Healthy to Get Massages Regularly?

Massages are relaxing by the way there are many physiological benefits from massage, but I will list the main effects on the body: 

1. Muscular system:

When you reflect that the muscles constitute one half of the bulk of the body and receive one fourth of all the blood supply of the body, you realize that any procedure which acts directly on them must have a decided influence on the whole body. When properly administered,  get massages produce a suction or pumping effect, pressing forward the contents of the veinous and lymph channels, creating a vacuum to be filled by a fresh supply of fluid derived from the capillaries. Plainly speaking, massage (specifically flushing techniques such as friction and manual lymphatic drainage) refreshes the supply of oxygenated blood to the tissues it acts upon, clearing painful chemicals such as bradykinin, histamine and substance P, lactic acid, eicosanoids, nitric oxide, adenosine, cytokines, and others [1]. This, simply put, removes the source(s) of pain and increases comfort and proper function (including strength and endurance) through relaxation of the muscular fibers and better circulation within them.


2. Skeletal and ligamentous:

Massages can influence harder structures such as bones and ligaments (the connective tissue structures attaching bone to bone). Bones have essentially the same blood supply as their overlying muscles.The blood vessels’s and lymphatics’s flows are largest (peripherally) in the vicinity of the joints. The change of fluids affected by joint movements resulting from the action of the muscles upon the bones necessarily produces an increase in the nutrition to these areas, which then assists increased growth in the ligaments and other structures of the joints [2].


3. Circulatory:

General massages increases the rate and force of the heart beat, as does exercise, with the difference that it does not raise arterial tension or stimulate the neuromuscular junction as does active exercise, and it does not accelerate the heart to the same degree, though it produces a full strong pulse. This is due in part to the influence of massage mainly affecting peripheral circulation. Friction (rubbing techniques) acts mainly on superficial veins, while deep kneading (deep tissue and rolfing techniques, etc.) act on deeper vessels also. The effects of massage are marked in lymphatic vessels as well. Lymph vessels drain the tissues of waste and toxic substances. They are most abundant in subcutaneous tissue and in the fascia that coat and lie in between muscles. These vessels are mechanically affected (flushed) with friction and kneading techniques [3].


4. Respiratory:

Massages, as in exercise, increase the depth of the respiratory movements. This is in some measure due to the parasympathetic reflexive influence of massage, but it is also be attributed in part to its effect in bringing the circulation waste products requiring elimination through the lungs, and increasing oxidation, or CO2 production, which necessarily accompanies the increased heat production resulting from the effect of massage on the muscles (from friction and increased muscluar metabolism). Massage is an efficient means of positively affecting tissue metabolism, by which oxygen is absorbed by the tissues and CO2 taken up by the veinous blood. This process takes place chiefly in the muscles through oxidation of glycogen, of which they contain one-half of the bodily store. There are also psychological benefits to getting  massages, mainly relaxation and peaceful frame of mind. Some of this can be attributed to the aforementioned benefits. There is also the simple act of releasing tension and allowing the body and mind to “let go,” relax, and breathe. There are many specific applications of manual therapy to achieve certain physiological goals, such as manual lymphatic drainage to affect local swelling versus deep tissue massage, Active Release, Thai massage or Rolfing to break up fascial/tendinous adhesions, versus trigger point therapy or myofascial release to address specific types of tension within specific muscles or myotatic groups. Each technique has its functional directives. Many different disciplines of medicine utilize massage/manual therapeutic techniques to achieve certain goals. These get more specific with advanced techniques. There are several contraindications to massage (states in which massage is inadviseable and possibly harmful):
  1. Significant fever: the body is already under siege from infection or inflammation; massages are only going to increase the problem, not help.
  2.  Uncontrolled infection: again, the body is already overloaded trying to attack the invading/inflaming organism. Massages will only add an additional overload and complication, most likely making symptoms worse. Wait until the infection is identified and eradicated before having a massage.
  3.  Recent severe injury or surgery: there are advanced techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy that can help control initial swelling and inflammation, but general massages would overload the body’s capacity to respond favorably in such a compromised state.

Sources : huffingtonpost

[1] “Essentials of Pain Medicine, 3d Edition”; Elsevier, 2011; Benzon, Raja, Liu, Fishman, Cohen; 2:2, pgs. 8, 9.

[2-4] “Art of Massage”, Health Research, 1975; Kellogg, MD, pgs. 23-31.  


The massages at Kocoon Spa

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Kocoon Spa May Promotion

Kocoon Spa May Promotion

Before the summer, The Youth Revealing Advanced Facial is the ulti­mate of biotech­no­log­i­cal effi­cacy com­bined with a very orig­i­nal youth mas­sage for instantly smoother, firmer and more lumi­nous skin.


This treatment is suitable for :

  • Dry skin and wrin­kles
  • Lack of suppleness
Furthermore the Eye & Lip treatment is an ultra-complete and relaxing treatment for beautiful eyes and lips that sparkle with youth. The expert treatment combines a decongesting and anti-aging massage dedicated to the eye contour and lip area with application of a serum, mask and cream.
  • 90 min PHYTOMER Youth Revealing Advanced Facial
  • 30 min Eye & Lip Radiance Smoothing Treatment
  • 2 hours of pampering and relaxation / 780 rmb (save 480)
  • Weekdays only

                                               Mother and daughter at the spa           

Reservation :



母亲节在星期日,5月8日!让我们一起纪念养育了我们的伟大的母亲…整个月! Kocoon 五月促销活动:
  • 90分钟菲迪曼先锋抗皱紧致护理
  • 30分钟眼唇舒缓护理
  • 2个小时的呵护放松只需780元
护理项目的好处: 先锋抗皱护理采用基本的生物技术混合抗皱按摩可以使肌肤更光滑、紧致和更具有光彩。主要适用于:
  • 干性肌肤、皱纹明显
  • 缺乏弹性 并且,眼唇护理是让你拥有更耀眼的双眼和唇,完全放松的护理。这项专业护理采用疏解和抗衰老按摩技术并使用精华、面膜和面霜致力于眼睛和唇部周围

                              Three generations of women in the home


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Join our team at Kocoon Spa!

Spa Overview:

French owned boutique day spa and wellness center, in the heart of Sanlitun

Voted Best Spa in Beijing by Cityweekend Lifestyle Awards 2016.

Voted Best Spa and Best Hotel Spa in Beijing by Cityweekend Lifestyle Awards 2015.

Recommended by Vogue, Asia Spa, Louis Vuitton City Guide, Luxe City Guide and more!

Position 1 : Spa Receptionist 
You are the face of Kocoon spa, your mission is to ensure guest spa expe­ri­ence exceeds expectation, and maintain a relaxing, friendly and clean spa atmosphere. You will also assit with the back office and administration. Main Respon­sibil­i­ties:
  • Man­age the appoint­ment schedule
  • Respond to clients’ queries.
  • Con­duct check-in, check out and pay­ment procedures
  • Pro­mote spa prod­ucts and services
  • Help marketing host and coordinate workshops
  • Man­age client profile
  • Assist with book­-keep­ing and administration
  • Assist in super­vis­ing the main­te­nance and clean­li­ness of the Spa and maintain clean and relaxing spa atmosphere
  • Assist in the supervision, operation and coverage of all spa departments
  • Maintain inventory and stocking of all reception materials
  • Act as a liaison between spa and internal and external contacts
Your profile:
  • Good command of English.
  • Com­puter lit­er­ate (Office)
  • Hon­est and reliable.
  • Artic­u­late ver­bal and writ­ten communication.
  • Love to co-work with others.
  • Passionate about health, beauty and wellness.
  • Inter­per­sonal skills.
  • Pro­fes­sional presentation.
  • Competitive salary depend­ing on com­pe­tence and experience
  • Bonus
  • Commission on sales
  • Accommodation available in a shared apartment just across the street
About Kocoon spa Founded in Beijing in 2008, Kocoon is a French owned boutique spa where you can enjoy facials, massages, body care, and waxing service. Our mission is to help the local and expat community enjoy a balanced lifestyle around health & well-being, not only through our spa treatments and rituals, but also through inspiring workshops. We are growing and looking for passionate team players to join us in our mission! How to apply?
  • This position is available as full time and part time.
  • For foreigners, due to visa regulations, we accept internships only.
  • Please send your resume to recruitment[at]

  We suggest you to follow our social media platforms to learn more about Kocoon spa:

 @kocooning   facebook  Koconspa        wechat  Kocoon_spa    pinterest Kocoon spa  Kocoonspalounge  


Position 2:  美容师/按摩师

隶属: SPA 经理

要求: 按摩师 /美容师要负责对我们的男士和女士客户提供专业的按摩, 面部,身体护理. 美容师必须对按摩和面部护理的专业知识有深入了解, 对美体有整体认识,并愿意接受我们独特的按摩,美容和美体培训. 要有精湛的沟通技巧, 能够学习我们的产品和服务知识学习从而有效地提供服务,为满足客户需要而提供良好的康体方案. 要持有并不断更新的职业证书.

Contact Person 联系人: recruitment [ at ]

Wechat 微信: Kocoon_spa

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Waxing Promotion at Kocoon Beijing

Waxing Promotion at Kocoon Beijing

20% off your first waxing service at Kocoon Spa

First time at Kocoon spa?

Enjoy 20% off your first waxing service at Kocoon spa with the promotion code WAXING35. Promotion code must be announced when making your booking, prior to your treatment. 

A first visit especially for waxing, always comes with all sort of worries. To give you peace of mind, we have pre­pared a Wax­ing Q & A for you!

Terms and conditions:

  • Offer reserved to Kocoon’s Wechat followers (Kocoon_spa)
  • For first time visitors only, on the most expensive waxing service
  • Not to be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts
  • Management reserves the right to withdraw the promotion and bears the final decision in the event of dispute

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